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November 30, 2021 | Spain, Women Catalonia, Women in Business

Amaia Jauregui

Amaia Jauregui, a native of Spain and her partner Kevin, founded By your side BCN, a one-stop shop for all things pre and post-birth related as a result of their own experiences – living abroad and starting a family.

After our experience abroad, we decided it was time to come back home to Barcelona and settle down. It’s been 7 years since we moved back and we’re enjoying every minute of it. We started a family 3 years ago after several IVF treatments and a whole new world opened to us. The challenges we faced during pregnancy, birth and the early years of our child inspired us to create a service to help parents find the right support in Barcelona. We help international families find medical assistance and professional prenatal and postnatal care. We can advise on the variety of different birthing options on offer, and we can help find suitable daycare or nannies. We can also help with bureaucratic matters such as the paperwork required after birth amongst other things.

Moving to a new country with a different language is a whole new adventure. If you add kids to the equation, it’s another story. Not knowing where to start or what services are available adds unnecessary stress and uncertainty. We experienced it first hand, when we were abroad and dealt with the unknown and the language barrier in a new city. Same feeling we had when we became parents. We felt completely lost and so, we started doing lots of research. We felt that we should make good use of the research and By your side BCN came to life.

Once we decided we were going to help other families, we were determined to find the best options available in the city. We contacted lots of professionals who helped us shape the project and interviewed many international families living in Barcelona to understand where to put our focus and which areas to cover.” Amaia

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