Carolina Harboe – Kinesiology & Nutrition

April 10, 2018 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Healthcare, Spain, Women Catalonia, Women in Business

Carolina is half English and half Chilean and after living in Africa and the Middle East, at the age of 10 her family settled in Andalusia. She studied Metabolic Biochemistry and became a Food Scientist and then completed a Master’s degree in Diet and Nutrition. In 2008 she became a mother and she began to focus on natural and nutritional therapy surrounding pregnancy, breastfeeding, babies and children. Using her children as Guinea pigs she designed workshops and talks to satisfy the need for information and practical tips on how to feed a family. Her search for alternative solutions to alleviate and heal different illnesses is continuous and in 2010 she encountered the world of Kinesiology. By using kinesiology Carolina is able to read the body and completely personalise her nutritional therapy with much faster and less invasive results! You can read an interview with Carolina on MumAbroad Life here.

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Jane Mitchell

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  1. Jane Mitchell says:

    Caroline has helped my family on a number of occasions including food allergies with my son when he was a baby. She has always been professional but with a very friendly, easy going manner. She’s incredibly knowledgeable abut food and diet and how it can affect the body.

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