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Interviews with Multilingual Experts

Are you raising a bi- or even multilingual child? In this section we will be adding expert advice and tips by interviewing multilingual therapists and educators to support mums with kids growing up with multiple languages

  • Speech Therapy and Multilingual Children

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    "There is no evidence to suggest that it's any harder for a child to acquire two languages than it is for the child to acquire one language. As long as people are regularly speaking with the child in both languages, the child will acquire them both easily. As a therapist working with a mostly bilingual caseload in London I often stressed to parents the importance of providing a good example of any language to their child before school." (AR, October 2015)

    Read the full interview with Speech & Language Therapist Andrea Regan

  • Our Languages Abroad

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    "When we move abroad, our languages move with us. Many parents wonder about their children becoming multilingual, or engaging in new ways of being multilingual. I did, too. My experience of multilingualism is both academic, from extensive research and teaching, and personal, as a parent of three trilingual children in a mixed family who has lived in six different countries and two continents."

    Click here to read the full article with Madalena Cruz-Ferreira multilingual scholar, educator and parent