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Deutschpartner German language training

German language training

Deutschpartner is a school specialising in German language and culture, helping expat families to feel more at home in Germany. In the first weeks, students learn basic phrases for daily life: shopping, visiting the doctor, talking to the neighbours and eating out. Deutschpartner knows that new arrivals need German language skills to achieve daily tasks and to integrate into the community so the focus is always on speaking with confidence. Not only at the beginners level, but also at more advanced language levels too. Their work is based on the belief that knowledge of language and culture of your host country are keys for a successful integration.

Located in Königstein, a picturesque town near Frankfurt, Deutschpartner offer in-person courses and also offer all of their services online. Different course types are tailored to the needs of all members of the expat family whether you are a working parent or stay at home spouse and of course to children and adolescents of all ages.


Deutschpartner offers small group courses as well as private lessons for companies and individuals. Each small group runs on two mornings per week for 90 minutes, which allows newcomers enough time to settle everything that needs to be settled in the beginning. Participants will meet other expats in the same situation. Private lessons, on the other hand, are flexible in terms of time and place and allow the teacher to give his or her undivided attention to one student.


Deutschpartner also prepares students for exams and can help with presentations or email writing for job applications. They offer support in all areas of learning and living in Germany.

What we like about them

  They understand that language acquisition is only one part of the challenge of moving to a new country and also offer support with cultural adaptation and the administrative process.
  Flexible cancellation policy.
  Over 20 years experience.

In their own words

The German language has a reputation to be difficult to learn. Knowing this, Germans highly appreciate if they see that foreigners make an effort. Speaking just a few phrases will open doors over here!” Kai Wachs, Deutschpartner

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