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March 1, 2021 | Educational Specialists Spain
Innovative learning in Barcelona


Learnlife offers innovative learning in Barcelona. It is a global community of education innovators working together to create a new learning paradigm. The Learnlife Barcelona Hub is the pioneer space for lifelong learning in downtown Barcelona, a step beyond traditional school. A state-of-the-art learning community, it is the first in a worldwide network of learning hubs meant to accelerate change in existing education models through personal purpose-based learning for teenagers.

It features a series of creative studios designed to inspire learners to explore their passions through evidence-driven best practices from over 100 of the most innovative schools around the world. Learnlife offers full-time programmes for learners aged 12-19 as well as afternoon, Saturdays and summer programmes. Learnlife Barcelona Programmes include Explorers, designed for learners who are on a journey to understand themselves and the world at a deeper level and who love being curious, Creators for those who want to experience a multi-studio environment (multimedia, music, maker space, food, multi-materials, graphic design, visual art, textiles, programming and electronics) and Changemakers for those who have finished school or are close to it.


Last September, Learnlife opened its doors to primary aged children at its Nature Hub located 20 minutes outside Barcelona in Gavà. This nature-based programme for 6 to 11 year olds offers a competency-based model and outdoor learning experiences to help young learners thrive and grow through adventure.


Most recently, Learnlife inaugurated Home Hub, an online learning programme that learners can participate in from anywhere around the world. There are full- time programmes for late stage primary, middle years and senior years (16+), as well as shorter supplementary Taster programmes with weekly courses.


All Learnlife families share certain characteristics in common: they are open- minded and have a forward-thinking mindset; are curious and are lifelong learners themselves, and they understand that learners happy in themselves, make for learners who want to and strive to learn and grow.


Learnlife also open their doors to visiting educators and learners from all over the world so that they can experience their vision and ways of working firsthand.

What we like about them

  Pioneer space for lifelong learning.
  Part of a worldwide network of learning hubs.
  Create ideal personal purpose-filled learning experiences for individuals.
  Innovative learning community offering an alternative to traditional education.
  Saturday Clubs are a fun way to learn skills, develop talents and build confidence.

In their own words

Many young people finish school or university with little real understanding of their strengths or how they might draw purpose from their passions and interests in order to find meaningful vocations. The ideal student would be someone who has a high motivation to learn more about themselves and how they might impact the world. They would be keen to extend their thinking about the possibilities of their own future.” Christopher Pommerening, Founder


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