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April 11, 2022 | Spain, Women Catalonia, Women in Business

Jennifer Richmond is the founder, director, and headteacher of Tandem English Academy / Tandem Escola d’idiomes in Argentona, just outside of Barcelona and is director and co-founder of Teachers for Peace, a collective of volunteer teachers from around the world offering free lessons to Ukrainian children affected by the war. Born and raised in Mexico City, she is the wife to a very supportive husband and the mother of three children.

Jennifer founded the private English Academy in 2017. She helps the children in her village to learn English in a fun and innovative manner that encourages and makes learning last.  Whether it be online or in-person lessons during lunchtime or after school, her students are motivated to learn in a natural and holistic way. Her method of teaching is tailored to each of her 100 + students’ needs. Her goal, above all, is to motivate her students and make them feel capable.

Before devoting herself to Tandem English Academy she received a bachelor’s degree in educational psychology from Endicott College, and she worked as a preschool and primary teacher at West Hill Institute and the American School Foundation in Mexico City.  After arriving in Argentona she organised and taught the after-school English program for the local school in her village.  She is best known for her haunted house on Halloween night.

Recently, as a means to help a fellow teacher colleague, and friend, Jennifer has organised a collective of teachers to volunteer and give free classes to Ukrainian students both in the midst of the war and those settling as refugees abroad. Together with 8 other teachers from across the globe, she has co-founded –  Teachers for Peace – a collective of volunteer teachers that offers an online safe space for children in areas of conflict by giving them a variety of free educational activities. This online space is a place where mothers can trust their child is being educationally entertained with volunteer teachers from around the world.  Teachers for peace now has 44 teachers from around and over 900 Ukrainian students in the telegram group.


Contact Details:

C/ Barcelona, 22, 08310 Argentona
+34 638 072 801

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