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March 26, 2018 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Family Services, Maresme & Girona, Sitges, Spain, Women in Business

Kati McKie is a family photographer and a photo artist based in Barcelona. She specialises is family documentary photography, pregnancy and newborn sessions as well as events and celebrations. Kati is also a mum to a young boy who she regards as the major source of inspiration. As a photographer she builds her sessions  in a very natural way, stressing the importance of a happy relaxed mood of the process. “Being a mum myself, I strongly believe that kids are at their best when in natural environment. They are so beautifully pure and true just the way they are. Therefore a photographic session is about the family giving me the honour and trusting me enough to enter the very personal world of their home, their baby’s room, their walk in the park. And my role is to capture the soul of this particular family and transform it into art in the best way I can – through a picture“.

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5 responses to “Kati McKie – Family Photographer”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    Kati made us feel so relaxed and the shooting was so much fun to do! Our family enjoyed the experience immensely and our little ones just loved her 🙂 It all felt very natural and we got some amazing pictures in the end! (Nina)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    She’s an amazing photographer and does beautiful family pics. (Mandeep Mander)

  3. Rachel Duval says:

    Kati is my go-to photographer for pretty much anything I need. I have used her for headshots, portfolio shots, and photos of my new babies. She can do everything! I don’t live in Barcelona anymore and always schedule a shoot ahead with her when I visit the city because her prices are perfect and I really enjoy her energy.

  4. Nicola Moss Simpson says:

    Kati is a super reliable, infinitely kind and calm photographer.
    She is easy to talk to and easily understands what you need. She is generous with her time and explanations and makes you feel relaxed st all times. I can highly recommend choosing to work with her and love all the beautiful photographs she took for my recent website photo shoot.

  5. Amy Davies says:

    Kati has taken so many beautiful photographs of my little family over the last year. Receiving the photos from her after a shoot is always a lovely surprise, as she manages to capture the moment, without you even realising she’s taking photos. She is a talented photographer and will always be my go-to person for photos of any occasion. She is also a lovely person, reliable and great with kids.

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