Tessa Thiery – Massage Practitioner

October 17, 2018 | France, Healthcare, Montpellier, Women in Business, Women Montpellier Check

Tessa has been practicing massage therapy since 2008. She trained in France and India. Tessa offers a variety of different types of massage (in her centre or in your own home) including Thai Reflexology to relax the body and stimulate the
blood circulation, Grand Thai massage to relieve back pain, Shiatsu to improve the quality of sleep and relieve muscle tension, Californian massage to eliminate toxins and regain energy, Ayurvedic massage to detoxify the facial tissues and prevent wrinkles and Ayurvedic Head Massage.

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Wendy Johnson

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ZAE Baronesses, 34730 Prades le Lez / +33 6 58 19 91 39 / tessathiery@hotmail.fr www.massage-tessathiery-montpellier.fr

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Tessa brings all she needs with her, squashy cushions, calming tea and sweet bits for afters, incense and candles. A thoroughly relaxing treatment in your own home that’ll leave you feeling pampered. (Wendy Johnson)

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