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Jane Mitchell

Partner & Head of Content

Jane Mitchell has lived outside of the UK for almost 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a mother, teacher, writer and designer living abroad. She lived and worked in Cairo for eight years before obtaining a PhD from SOAS, University of London. Since 2003 she has been based in Catalonia, where she lives with her three teenagers in a village on the Maresme coast, just north of Barcelona. Jane became a partner at MumAbroad in 2012 and is now Head of Content. She specialises in writing creative content on all aspects of family life and living abroad and conducts interviews on our YouTube channel.

Jane is also a writer for The Good Schools Guide International, a UK based online publication, where she contributes independent reviews of international schools in Barcelona and she recently contributed a chapter on Identity to the anthology #LivingTheDream.

Carrie Frais

Founding Partner & Director

Carrie Frais is a British broadcast journalist, copywriter and PR consultant who has been living in Barcelona on a permanent basis since 2006. She has worked as a presenter, reporter and producer for some of the UK’s leading broadcasters including the BBC, ITV and Sky News. She founded MumAbroad in 2008 and oversees the company’s business development, communications, strategy and sales. Carrie is also co-director of FiG Communications, a creative agency and is one of the founding members of Bremain in Spain and hosts the podcasts ‘The Soundtrack to My Life’, ‘Notes on Leadership’ and ‘Turo Talks’.

Carrie is a regular events host including for The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and South Summit in Madrid. She also co-authored and edited #LivingTheDream: expat life stripped bare which examines the more challenging aspects of life away from ‘home’. She lives with her family in Cabrils, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Community for English-speaking families

MumAbroad meets the growing demand from English-speaking parents living abroad in Europe for concise, credible, updated and trustworthy information  from international education and birthing options to family activities and relocation services. All advice is from expat mums living abroad.

MumAbroad was established in 2008 and fast became one of Europe’s leading resources for English-speaking families living in or relocating to key ‘international’ regions and cities in Spain, Italy, France & Germany.

This invaluable online resource offers parents hundreds of hand-picked listings on Maternity Services, Baby & Toddler, Activities for Kids, Family Services, Healthcare and Home & Admin. We offer a specific focus on International Schools, Educational Specialists, Therapists & Coaches and Relocation Services.

We offer an extensive archive of articles and interviews on our blog, MumAbroad Life and on our YouTube channel on a wide variety of practical and valuable topics and real life stories relating to family life in Europe.

MumAbroad has also become the go-to platform for female entrepreneurs – our Work Life directories promote solopreneurs, women working in start-ups, directors and CEOs.

MumAbroad’s social media pages – Instagram & Facebook  continue to attract a growing online community looking to connect, share experiences, ask advice and give recommendations with other like-minded women living away from their native ‘home’.

Our team in Europe is able to offer an insider’s guide to life abroad, to help you through the tough challenges as well as the many joys. Our aim is to create a community of like-minded english-speaking women in Europe, whether they are parents or not, to form synergies and collaborations and to discover connections and forever friends.

The Soundtrack to my life

Music and memories as told by you.

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"I moved my family to Barcelona in 2010 but started the process of researching and making decisions in 2008. MumAbroad was totally invaluable. I have worked and travelled abroad but moving three children of multiple ages was much more complex. I cannot express my gratitude in what I learned about schooling, places to live, health care and the links to local people. It has totally directed us to good times and aided us in the low points. MumAbroad, I would hate to have done it without you or be without you! You are the Lonely Planet/Rough Guide equivalent to relocating a family!"


"The MumAbroad events attract the most interesting, dynamic and entertaining women from around the Barcelona area. Lots of fun & loads of great connections"

Nadine Astorga

"Before moving to Spain, I wanted to know more about the local school system, international school options and areas to live in with children. You have to get it right and I had many questions and apprehensions and MumAbroad proved an immensely useful site. Once in Spain I started my own company and hooked up with other mums in business through MumAbroad as well. Exchanging ideas with women in my own situation who are foreign mums juggling home life and business has helped on many levels from personal to marketing and networking."


"MumAbroad is a great source of information for any mother who finds herself living overseas and in need of relevant information. Personally, I have found fantastic holiday recommendations on the site and also appeared on their Mums in Business section for Madrid alongside other women who have started their own businesses since moving abroad."


"By embodying the essence of being a foreign mum in a foreign land, MumAbroad Life brings readers insight to familiar scenarios in our new environs. No matter whether we are a mum abroad in Munich, Milan or Madrid, we have a lot in common. How many kisses are we supposed to give and/or receive in our new country? Should we home-school or world-school our children? What is the best way to keep our children cool in the summer? You name it, MumAbroad Life have tackled it providing priceless peer-to-peer advice on every subject under the sun. Want to know why we enjoy our quality of life so much as mums abroad? Step inside this blog to discover why!"

Dominique White