Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Teens

4Voices have created a pioneering online course: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Teens. Enrol now.

4Voices is an exciting collaboration between MumAbroad and the public speaking consultancy Educate to Communicate. Their aim is to support and empower young people and entrepreneurs with the skills needed to find their voices, connect with an audience and communicate with confidence in public.

Their professional team of award-winning coaches and public speakers are on hand to provide expert advice based on real-world experience.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Teens’ by 4Voices is a transformative journey for young people. The online course has been meticulously designed by passionate public speaking advocates to coach teenagers on how to confidently articulate their thoughts, passions and dreams to any audience.

The course is structured around themes such as “public speaking is a skill not a talent”, “embrace diversity”, “creating great content” and more. Each topic is broken down into manageable lessons, which teenagers can work through at their own pace.

About 4Voices:

The 4Voices Academy offers tailored courses, as well as group and individual private coaching in the art of public speaking and confident communication. They create a positive, uplifting environment that values young people’s individual perspectives and encourages them to share their points of view.

4Voices also organises exceptional annual public speaking competitions in Barcelona and in December 2023 hosted their first competition in Belfast.

It was wonderful! Coming from a debate background, 4Voices really helped me develop the way I shared my emotions and inner beliefs rather than assuming a position and arguing in favour or against a position. Their tips and tricks improved my speech and self-confidence!” – Albert Pampalona Lisnenko, 2023 Finalist

Past finalists have felt empowered by the mentoring they received during the competition process, with some going on to set up impressive non-profit organisations such as Research in Science and Education (RISE) and The Young Politicians’ Convention (YPolCon).

Meet The Coaches:

Cormac Walsh is an executive coach based in Barcelona, who specialises in communication training, public speaking, English pronunciation skills for non-native presenters and professional development. 

He has trained thousands of people in the corporate world and top business schools for over 15 years on how to improve and hone all aspects of their communications skills. Cormac is also the Deputy Director of Anne Sullivan International School near Barcelona, a TEDx speaker and trainer, an entrepreneur and a former National Director of Toastmasters in Spain.

Gabriella Opaz is an executive leadership coach originally from Chicago and now based in Portugal. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters in Education, and specialises in intercultural communication, emotional intelligence, public speaking and conscious leadership development.

Gabriella has worked with leading universities, start-ups and international organisations for over 15 years, applying her extensive expertise in mindfulness, diversity, equity, inclusion, mediation and more. Gabriella is the co-founder of Educate to Communicate, a certified yoga instructor,TEDx speaker and trainer, and a SIY (Search Inside Yourself) leadership coach.

Read more about 4Voices pioneering online course: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Teens and enrol now.

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What we like about them

  The award-winning 4Voices coaches are highly experienced in their respective fields - you will be learning from the best.
  The course is designed as a self-guided online experience, that can be taken at your own pace.
  Once you have enrolled, you will be given unlimited access to the course online, giving you the option to revisit sections or repeat parts as you wish.

In their own words

Welcome to a world where your voice matters! At 4Voices we believe in the extraordinary potential residing within you. You are the future leaders, the change makers and the visionaries. It is you who will carry the torch of influence and impact. In a time where the world craves authenticity, confidence and compassion, your ability to articulate your thoughts will be the catalyst for change.

“Your voice matters now more than ever”. These words echo through the core of our mission. We understand that your journey involves not just finding your voice but also harnessing its power to lead, inspire and create a lasting impact. This course is your key to unlocking the full potential of your voice. – Gabriella Opaz



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