5 Questions to ask an International Removals Provider

March 12, 2019 | Blog, Home & Relocation

Relocating abroad is both an exciting and hectic experience, but with a lot of careful planning and research, this life milestone does not need to be too stressful. With a large number of companies across the globe claiming to be experts in international removals, it can be tricky to decide which provider best suits your unique needs. Read more to understand five essential questions you should ask any relocation provider, before deciding whether to hire them for your big move.

Your need to know guide for moving internationally

Do you offer door-to-door removals service?


This is a crucial question that prevents people from getting in a pickle down the line since a large number of companies are only able to offer the shipping of goods between ports. For those who are looking for a provider that can cover the whole international relocation from start to end, it is vital to check whether the company you are thinking of hiring covers the country and city being relocated to.

Filling out forms for quotations and speaking to advisors takes time, which is why establishing the breadth of coverage from the outset is wise to prevent a lot of wasted effort.Are my belongings going to be covered by insurance?

One easy way to distinguish between a good international removals provider and a bad one is whether they offer insurance coverage. Respectable moving companies will insist upon insurance, though the extent of coverage offered tends to vary. As such, you should ask what the insurance policy will include before entering into any agreement.

Certain providers may only be able to include insurance coverage for goods in transit, which does not protect them while being unloaded at shipping ports. Similarly, some policies might only protect against damage to goods, but not if they are lost or stolen during transit.

Additionally, you should ask the monetary value up to which your belongings will be covered. This is particularly important in situations where you might be moving a large number of high-value belongings. If the remover only covers £10,000 worth of items but you are moving £20,000 worth, you should probably look elsewhere.


Questions to ask an international removals provider

Is packing included in the removals price quotation?


Be sure to check that packing services are included in your quoted price. For big international moves, ordinary people are generally advised against packing goods by themselves. This is because customs requirements and international rules and regulations apply and tend to be rather complex.

When items make their way through customs, they should be accompanied by a declaration of household goods and effects, as this helps stop the illegal movement of goods between different countries. International relocation experts normally sort this declaration out for you, which means goods can move through customs quickly and without hassle.

As such, high-quality providers should offer to pack belongings for customers, which protects both parties from getting caught shipping anything illegal.

How will my belongings reach my destination?


It is important to understand how exactly your precious belongings will reach your new home. The effort required to move goods abroad will vary depending on both the method and route. For instance, if only relocating from the UK to France, a truck will normally be sufficient, since goods are just crossing borders. For further away destinations, there is an added level of complexity, and additional transport services may be required, such as shipping ports and trains.

The method in which your goods will arrive, as well as the distance, will affect the overall cost and the time taken to reach you, so be sure to ask about both when deciding between companies.

Do you have any professional accreditations?


Qualifications are a quick and easy way to determine whether the company you are dealing with is skilled and experienced enough to handle your move.

A good place to start is to check whether they are a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM). To be enlisted as a member of this industry-recognised association, a company must demonstrate legal and professional compliance standards and abide by a very strict code of practice.

There are plenty of other qualifications to look out for, you just have to carry out your research and identify any important country-specific accreditations that high-quality removers should hold. For instance, quality UK-based removals companies will normally be a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR).

Above all, always be wary of relocations providers that do not have any accreditations, or avoid answering this question altogether. Generally speaking, the more qualifications a company has to show, the more likely you can be to trust them with your belongings, and the better the level of service tends to be!

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