7 common errors while working from home and how to avoid them

January 1, 2020 | Blog, Work Life

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Working from home is the newest trend in work-life balance


More and more people are doing it and companies are becoming more flexible. There are a lot of benefits to working from home, including avoiding the daily commute and maximising the time you get instead of it, staying out of office politics, and fewer meetings with colleagues and managers.

Our top 7 common errors while working from home

1. Not establishing a workspace


When you’re working a professional job, you need to be organised to be productive. This can be harder to do when working from home. You might be tempted to work from bed but then you can get distracted more easily, or file papers in random drawers and then struggle to find them. The way to solve this is to have your own workspace in your home so you have a more professional attitude about your work.

2. Not switching off


When you work at home, you often have fewer distractions and can focus more. There’s no eye on the clock to see when to take lunch, coffee, or go home. This is a good thing because you can be more productive, but it’s also negative. You might find that you get too involved in your work so you’re not taking short breaks or working long hours until you go to bed. “You need to have a fixed work schedule with break and a stop time. That’s the best way to make sure you have a healthy mind and body,” suggests Monica Thompsen, a career blogger at Academized and State of Writing.

common errors while working from home

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Switching off too much


Maybe you work too long without taking breaks, or maybe you have the opposite problem. A frequent mistake is taking too many breaks because your boss isn’t around and you really want to do your household chores. You should be taking short breaks to revitalize yourself, but if you take too many you’ll interrupt your workflow and be less productive. It’s important to remember you’re still a professional even though you’re working from home.

4. Not being motivated


One benefit of working in an office is interaction with colleagues and having your work appreciated or challenged. This is a motivating factor so you can work better and harder. If you’re working from home with no one around, you may find that you lack motivation. That’s where self-motivation comes in. Find new ways to motivate yourself and be a high achiever.

5. Spending too much time online


The internet can help your job but it can also kill your productivity. When you’re at work, you’d think twice before doing your banking, checking your Facebook, or looking at videos on YouTube. In fact, many workplaces block these sites. At home, though, it’s all on you to stay off them because you can end up spending way too much time browsing online instead of working. Either avoid these sites completely during work hours or limit yourself to a certain amount of time on each during breaks.

6. Not remembering your worth


Working from home can make someone forget their worth. This can be because clients want to charge less since you’re working remotely. However, Louis Vernon, a lifestyle writer at Elite Assignment Help and Big Assignments, explains that “your work is just as important and challenging whether you’re at home or the office, so remember your worth and charge for the amount of work you put into a task.”

7. Working overtime


Working from home doesn’t mean you should be working on weekends, holidays, and evenings, even if you get paid for that time. It’s a bad habit to get into because the lines will start to blur between your work life and your personal life. You’ll find that you spend less time with loved ones and you might get a burnout if you work 24/7. Weekends should be a time for you to disconnect from work and enjoy your time off.

Working from home is an enjoyable and productive way to get your work done, and can have many benefits over office work. Be sure to avoid these mistakes so you get the full benefits, though!

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