A box full of surprises!

When and why was Degustabox founded?

The first Degustabox was shipped in March 2013. Since then, we have seen significant growth and we currently operate in six markets: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK and US.

The idea behind Degustabox is that we wanted to create an international discovery platform around the concept of food. Degustabox comes with the surprise factor, so our customers don’t know what products they will receive in their box until they open it. Also, every month there is a different theme that enables our subscribers to discover new flavours. Receiving a monthly Degustabox also helps you to save on your kitchen bills: the value is much more than the price you would pay for the products in store. Discover it yourself!

How does it work?

Buying your Degustabox has never been easier. Here is how it works in three simple steps:

1 – Sign up to receive your Degustabox for only 14,99€ in Spain and Germany and 15,99€ in Italy and France. Don’t worry about delivery charges as we’re delivering it to your doorstep for free (well, there’s just one exception: in France, free delivery is available to any pick up point, but if you prefer to have it delivered to your home, it’s only 5€ more). The monthly payments will be collected on the 11th of each month. There are no strings attached: You can cancel your subscription anytime – just tell us before the 9th.

2 – Receive your Degustabox with 10-15 products and enjoy the surprise on a monthly basis.

3 – Enjoy your Degustabox and share the items with your friends and family. Review the products, share your opinion with our community and provide valuable feedback to the brands. They want to know what all of our Degustalovers think, so share your thoughts with us and make a difference!

What type of products will I receive in my Degustabox?

You will always find a good mix of different products, from the latest brands in your Degustabox! Every month, the boxes are filled with biscuits, cereals, home baking, bread, sweets, snacks, sauce, pasta, drinks and much more!

Where can I repurchase the products featured in the box?

Some of the products featured in our boxes haven’t hit the supermarket shelves yet. However, once the products are distributed and released in our boxes they soon become available in major supermarkets.

How do your products differ depending on what country users of Degustabox live in?

Our boxes are crafted by following the trend of the brands and products that are being used in the country we are shipping to. For example, if you live in Spain you will be receiving the main popular products and brands from Spain or those brands that want to become popular with Spanish customers. Therefore, at Degustabox we adapt each box to each country we operate in.

Craving to try out new products? Select your country of residence and get your discount here:

Spain: https://lp.degustabox.com/es-mumabroad
Italy: https://lp.degustabox.com/it-mumabroad
Germany: https://lp.degustabox.com/de-mumabroad
France: https://lp.degustabox.com/fr-mumabroad

What have been the most popular products featured in Degustabox so far?

By category, chocolate is always the most popular product in all countries. However, by brand and country it differs. In Spain, the most popular product is the Pistachios by Wonderful, featured in our September 2017 box. In Italy the most popular product is a staple in everyone’s kitchen: Classico Premi e Spremi by Monini, featured in our August 2017 box. In France, bio and organic products are the most popular within our users, with the orange juice Le BIO ! Pomme ou Multifruits by Joker featured in the July 2017 box heading the list. In Germany the most popular product is also a fruit juice: Sommer-Frühstück by Valensina, featured in our April 2018 box.

Does the Degustabox contain brand-new products only?

Not all the products in our monthly boxes are brand new, however a large majority of the featured products are new to the market and you can be one of the first consumers to try them!

How does Degustabox source all the products?

At Degustabox, first we organise a box planning meeting to decide on the monthly themes or sections. Our sales team then organises the theme into categories and starts prospecting the brands. Once the brands agree to be featured, we organise the delivery of the products to our warehouses. Afterwards, the products are assembled into the boxes. After the box has been delivered and the products have been consumed, we send out questionnaires to all of our subscribers by email to collect feedback for the brands.

What do users say is the best thing about Degustabox?

Our Degustalovers love to be surprised with delicious treats every month! They value the variety of products and the fact that they can discover new products and share them with their family and friends. But one of the best things about Degustabox, according to our subscribers, is the great value-for-money they get through the service: we guarantee that the box value is always higher than the price you pay in store!

Any plans for the future?

The future of Degustabox looks bright: we are planning to grow during 2018 in the same way we have done in the past 5 years. However, we will also look to expand into other countries, but we’ll leave this for you to discover!

Carrie Frais
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