Abbie Hibler – Barcelona for Tiny Travelers

Barcelona for Tiny Travelers takes kids on a trip around the famous landmarks of beautiful Barcelona. Ride the roller coaster at the Tibidabo Amusement Park, explore the works of Gaudí or enjoy the sea views from the cable cars! The board book format is perfect for little hands to turn pages and engage with the sights of the city. Barcelona was chosen as the first location in a series of children-focused travel books. This series is unique in the market of bilingual books, wherein readers deduce the Spanish meanings through the context as opposed to direct translation. The final page reviews the Spanish words with an illustrated dictionary.

The idea to create a book series developed over time. A few years ago, I was nervous about moving our family of 4 (plus dog) from Boston to Barcelona. So, I looked for a book that would show my daughter all that Barcelona had to offer. I couldn’t find the book, so I printed a few images of Barcelona and made up the words as I showed her the carousel at Tibidabo and the Sagrada Familia. We moved, we settled, and then one day, I heard a woman at the airport asking about a kid’s book. Again, the response was “No, I don’t have a book like that.” And I decided to write it. I designed the illustrations, and having studied linguistics and being a parent to bilingual children, I wanted a bilingual book that made kids think about the foreign language. Most bilingual books are translated texts, where first the story is told in one language, then the other. But the story is repeated in both languages. This format is unique as it encourages kids to think in the context of the of the story and illustrations to understand the language.

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Elizabeth Grabo

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  • MumAbroad
    Posted at 17:25h, 08 November Reply

    This book is a perfect tour around beautiful Barcelona that is both adorable and accurate. Both parents and kids will love taking in the sights and absorbing all the culture and fun Barcelona has to offer. I totally recommend this book to anyone who loves Barcelona or knows somebody who does. – Elizabeth Grabo

  • MumAbroad
    Posted at 17:25h, 08 November Reply

    Being a bilingual family we love that we can read this book together. It’s a favorite in our house. My girls love the colors and spotting sites in our city that they have seen in the book. – Erika Steinke

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