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September 2, 2022 |
International translation expert Aida Ramos

Transcreation Specialist

International translation expert Aída Ramos, specialises in transcreation (marketing translation) for top level international brands. Extremely passionate about languages, Aída speaks Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, has some knowledge of Basque, German and Swedish (which she learned during her exchange year in Scandinavia) and is currently studying Italian. She says the Thinking Side offers language support as well a cultural advice to navigate the Spanish market and context.

After acquiring international work experience in Ireland, Luxembourg (as a trainee at the European Commission’s Translation Service) and India, she founded Thinking Side Language Services, which helps companies seeking to enter the Spanish market, improve brand awareness and increase sales by offering translation, transcreation, project management and copywriting services into Spanish (her mother tongue). Her creativity and in‐depth understanding of different cultures are key in helping her clients reach their target audiences and spur them into action.

She is an active member of ASETRAD (the Spanish translators’ association), MET (Mediterranean Editors and Translators) and the IWBB (International Women Building Businesses) and has taught several courses on transcreation.

What is transcreation?

Also called creative translation, advertising or marketing translation, but there is a lot more to it than that: as its name suggests, it is a combination of translation and creation that seeks to recreate a text, making it attractive, appropriate and relevant to a specific target audience. The style and, as far as possible, the structure of the original are respected, but the idea is to reflect emotions and feelings naturally, as if the text had been crafted from scratch in the target language. It calls for great creativity and an exhaustive understanding of both cultures.

Transcreation tends to be used in marketing and advertising, fields in which it is crucial to reach the end client and spur them into action. Done well, transcreation generates trust, empathy, and emotion.

What we like about them

  Over 10 years experience
  Has a human touch with her work
  Very good communicator keeping in regular contact with clients throughout projects

In their own words

For me, communication is paramount: regular contact throughout a project is vital to making sure everyone is happy. Before starting work, I make sure I know exactly what you’re after, so that our goals are clear.” Aída



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