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July 3, 2022 |
Amaia Jauregui Maternity Consultant

Maternity Consultant in Barcelona

Amaia Jauregui, a native of Spain, is founder By your side BCN, a one-stop shop for all things pre and post-birth related as a result of their own experiences – living abroad and starting a family. If you’re pregnant the team will help you find out the best options for your needs available in the city. They can give you information about hospitals, clinics, doctors, midwives, doulas, birthing options, prenatal and postnatal support groups and activities.

Once you have had your baby, By your side BCN can continue to support you by helping you find the right medical assistance (paediatricians, gynaecologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors), lactation consultants and sleep coaches.  Contact them for support groups in your area and information on babysitters and daycare too.

They have a blog with extensive information on all aspects of having a baby in Barcelona and services for babies and toddlers. If you have just landed in the city or have been around for a while and are just starting a family and feel completely lost on where to start or what to do – they have it covered!

What we like about them

  Amaia gives advice based on personal experiences
  Great contacts in Barcelona both in public and private sectors
  Guides families through their journeys from prenatal to postnatal care, helping with all language barriers
  Free 20 minute discovery call

In their own words

The challenges we faced during pregnancy, birth and the early years of our child inspired us to create a service to help parents find the right support in Barcelona. We help international families find medical assistance and professional prenatal and postnatal care. We can advise on the variety of different birthing options on offer, and we can help find suitable daycare or nannies. We can also help with bureaucratic matters such as the paperwork required after birth amongst other things.” Amaia

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