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June 17, 2020 | Spain, Women Catalonia, Women in Business

Since moving to Barcelona Amy Harris has been working as a copywriter, blogger and health writer for numerous expat-focused businesses including Turo Park Medical and Dental Center, The Nanny Line, The Barcelona Edit and Eric Vokel Hotels. As a trained midwife Amy has advanced knowledge of gynaecology and obstetrics and her greatest skill is being able to explain complex concepts in a simple manner. She helps her clients connect with and engage their health and wellness clients with easily-understood, credible content. She uses her expertise to work on blogs, web pages, social media content planning and patient education materials in a simple and effective manner to connect with your clients and patients.

It can be confusing, especially in a foreign country as a mum abroad, with so many life changes, to try to puzzle out what is actually going on with your body.  No wonder that so many of us struggle with mood changes, anxiety, depression, and anger during these years.  Who wouldn’t be depressed or feel slightly crazed if they were faced by all of these changes in their body, coming and going without rhyme or reason, for 4-8 years

Research has shown over and over that stress makes the symptoms of perimenopause worse.  The more that you can do to try to build in self-care and ways for you to relax, the better you will feel.  Take care of your mind and your body through mindfulness activities, meditation, yoga, exercise, and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Read the full interview with Amy: Could these body changes be menopause?

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2 responses to “Amy Harris – Women’s Health Writer”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    She comes up with great ideas to write blogs about. The content is always super useful for our audience. She is very punctual with her deadlines and flexible with our team’s ideas and schedule. Can definitely recommend Amy, her work for us is flawless! (Josi van Ogtrop, The Nanny Line)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    Amy brings a professional, practical, and light-hearted approach to her writing. She has the ability to take complex scientific information and break it down into practical tips for an international audience. (Johanna Cena, The American School of Barcelona)

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