Ana Aznar – Founder & CEO of REC Parenting

October 19, 2023 |

Science-based advice and information on parenting all in one place

Founder and CEO of REC Parenting, Dr Ana Aznar is a child psychologist, lecturer, researcher, author, and speaker. Born and raised in Madrid, Ana moved to London in her early 20s where she completed a BSc in Psychology (The Open University), an MSc in Applied Child Psychology, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology (Kingston University).

She then took on different positions as a lecturer and a researcher at the University of Surrey and the University of Winchester. Her main areas of research are parenting, family relations, and children’s socioemotional development.

Her work has been published in different scientific journals as well as in the popular press and she has presented at national and international conferences. As part of her research activities, Ana visited many, many schools and families across the UK, giving her a very good understanding of the challenges that families and schools face.

Ana is passionate about supporting parents and children. She believes that by supporting parents, we will be helping to raise well-balanced, kind, and resilient children, who are the future of our society. This is why after experiencing first-hand how parents struggle to find support and reliable advice when they have issues or doubts when raising their children, she founded REC Parenting, an online platform offering parents with reliable, expert, and confident information. All in one place with no judgement and no agenda.

Ana is thoroughly enjoying this new chapter of her life, which happened at the same time as she moved to Rome with her family. Ana is married and has four teenage boys.

Read an interview with Ana on the MumAbroad blog here.

What we like about them

  REC Parenting provides reliable tools to help families navigate the challenges of each new stage, with a library of masterclasses, podcasts and blogs from leading experts.
  Personalised support from therapists from anywhere, via messaging, live chat or video calls.
  A parent-led company that emphasises compassion and understanding.

In their own words

We are here to support you in your parenting journey with no judgement and no agenda, we just give you information you can trust and we offer you support all the way. – Ana Aznar, Founder & CEO, REC Parenting.


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