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February 22, 2021 | France, Women in Business, Women Lyon, Women Nice, Women Paris, Women Toulouse

Angelika was born and raised in Germany but relocated to Paris to pursue her photography career. Her approach to strong feminine sensual photography and sensitive lighting has attracted a number of international clients. Angelika has gained international and national recognition in advertising and publishing, working for various international beauty and fashion brands, including L’Oreal, Maybelline, Swarovski and Wolford.

I AM – Celebrating the Perfect Imperfect – is Angelika’s passion project which was published in 2020. A collection of Nude Portraits and words of mature women, taking an honest look at the 21st century woman by peeling away the veneer of clothing. Raw and refined, edgy and elegant, vulnerable and strong, it is a homage to the goddesses of today. Angelika is known for her love of artistic challenge and variety and for injecting cinematography into still images: she pays close attention to the use of light and shadows. Angelika’s exposure to the fashion and beauty industries, and her sensitivity to society’s stereotypes about mature women has shaped the concept of ageless beauty. Her work is not of nudes, but of nude portraits, where she depicts the complete person: capturing expression, displaying the likeness, personality and individual mood of each subject. Her photographs portray ageless beings, fully respecting the spiritual practice of choosing the presence of life.

It’s been my passion, my intuition, my vision, my desire, my obsession, and my quest to reveal and showcase ageless beauty of women over 40 to make us all more visible. Using my camera as a therapeutic tool and instrument of social commentary, I have attempted to capture, something raw and refined, edgy and elegant, honest and pure. Naked portraits of strong women who dare to step out of their comfort zone is finally here.” Angelika Buettner

Angelika’s I AM project is a crucial historical document. She has assembled a collection of portraits and words for her book, which takes an honest look both at and inside the psyches of us 21st century women. Having the models volunteer to be photographed naked peels away the mask and veneer of clothing, leaving the viewer free to hear the women’s words with greater clarity. They are not titillating images, they are a powerful, liberated portrayal of women’s testaments of strength and endurance. It will give future generations clarity about how to get to a place of enlightened self-acceptance. There is so much dishonesty and manipulation in the way women are portrayed in the media, and it’s refreshing to discover in Angelika, a photographer who is able to portray the female form in such fullness and totality.”  Jeanie Marsh-Dawson, Founder & Publisher at No Limits Magazine


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  1. MumAbroad says:

    “From the first page, this book shines with a celebration of women’s beauty as they age. No makeovers, no retouching: these are women celebrating their time of life – their authenticity, self-acceptance, and joy. I AM kicks at our outdated notion that we age out of beauty and desirability. Quite the contrary, as Angelika Buettner and her 121 brave women illustrate. There is great power in this book.” Joan Price, author and speaker

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