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May 30, 2023 |
Anna Roche Deus

Doula & Certified Sleep Coach

Anna Roch Deus is a Doula and Certified Sleep Coach and founder of MyMamaDreams. She provides support services to expectant mothers and their families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Whether through online consultations or in the comfort of your own home, she also provides support services to alleviate parental concerns and help babies and young children to sleep better. Having lived in London for a number of years, Anna is now back in her hometown of Barcelona. She finds immense satisfaction in supporting women and their families through the beautiful and transformative journey of welcoming a new baby into their lives.

Anna offers 3 stage doula support: preparing you and your partner for an active birth in which you are aware of your choices and in charge of your decisions, accompanying you and your partner to the birth itself, and providing active support during the first weeks after your baby’s arrival.


  • Your birth preferences, choice of hospital and necessary documentation

  • Preparation of a dedicated birth plan

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques

  • Helping your birth partner participate with confidence

  • Emotional support and reassurance throughout the pregnancy


  • Massage, breathing and pressure-release exercises

  • Arranging use of birthing balls and other Hospital facilities

  • Language support for expats

  • Guidance and support in the establishment of lactation (as per your preferences)


  • Helping you and your partner adapt to having a newborn baby

  • Support and advice with the routine care of your baby: nappy changing, bathing, swaddling etc.

  • Gentle holistic sleep support

  • Guidance and support in the establishment and development of breastfeeding (as per your preferences)

  • Caring for your baby while you rest

Anna is also a qualified Sleep Coach offering sleep plans for babies and toddlers. Anna can help identify what works for your baby, working according to your babies preferences to help optimise sleep for the whole family. With toddlers she can help with boundaries and communication issues if your toddler is fighting bed and nap time, still waking up in the night or needing water in the middle of the night.

What we like about them

  Free discovery call
  Anna has had personal experience as an expat mum
  Anna understands that quality sleep plays a pivotal role in family dynamics when her own child's recurring fevers had a profound effect on sleep

In their own words

I am deeply passionate about the wonders of pregnancy, childbirth and baby development. From my early years as an artist in my hometown of Barcelona, my work was heavily influenced by concepts of conception, emotional wellbeing, femininity, the process of baby gestation and development.”  Anna Roch Deus


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