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June 10, 2019 | Madrid, Spain, Women in Business, Women Madrid

Annabelle has been teaching Spanish for more than 15 years and runs a boutique agency, Spanish & Lessons, for Spanish language and culture in Madrid. She is a keen follower of the communicative method mixed with grammar, passion, cultural topics, patience, social reality, support, interesting conversations, enthusiasm and commitment. Also, she is a DELE examiner for level A1/A2. Lessons are tailor made making for a unique classroom experience. Annabelle’s speciality is the “Inmersion madrileña” approach, using Madrid city like a huge living classroom. It has proved to be a successful way to practice real Spanish with locals and others S&L clients.

As a result of Covid-19 Annabelle has adapted her classes to teach Spanish online and also offers Cultural Awareness workshops for the expat community. She is also helping freelance and small local businesses in Madrid – and Spain – to reach a bigger market and spread their message, by translating Spanish websites into English.

Apart from learning the language, in this case Spanish, I want my students to enjoy and have a prosperous and fulfilling life in Madrid. In order to achieve this wellbeing and contentment, I organize social activities and events where my students can meet locals to truly understand and use what they learn in our lessons in a friendly environment.

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2 responses to “Annabelle Reyes – Spanish & Lessons”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    Annabelle is an inspiring and dedicated teacher who has taught me Spanish over the last 3 years. Her energy and enthusiasm is unwaning and every class is tailored to the individual. Not only has she taught me to enable me to achieve a high level of conversational Spanish but she also taught my son who is doing A level Spanish. He says one lesson with Annabelle is has a greater benefit than one week of Spanish lessons at school. I would highly recommend Spanish & Lessons. (Katie)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    Annabelle is a great Spanish teacher. Her classes are very well structured, never boring and adaptable them to your needs and interests. Well recommended! (Basem)

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