Assisted Reproductive medicine in the Heart of Andalucia

February 24, 2020 | Blog, Parenting, Wellbeing

Hospital Ceram Marbella is specialised in fertility, maternity and paediatric care. The Maternity Unit encourages natural births and has 2 fully equipped rooms for water births. The dedicated fertility unit, CERAM (Clinic for Assisted Reproduction in Marbella) was founded in 1993 with basic diagnostic programs on fertility, ovaic stimulation treatments and artificial insemination. The clinic was founded by Dr. Hugo Benito Martínez, a specialist in Gynaecology and Assisted Reproductive medicine for nearly 30 years.

Interview with Dr. Hugo Benito Martínez


How has the Clinic expanded since it was founded in 1993?


CERAM was founded in 1993 with basic diagnostic programs on fertility, ovarian stimulation treatments and artificial insemination (partner or donor). In this period we achieved fertilisation rates comparable with the national average.

In 2000 the clinic expanded its services and programs, incorporating In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), egg donation and related techniques.

Our good results in Assisted Reproductive medicine are proven by a large number of births, achieved through the techniques and treatments that CERAM offers to couples visiting us. At CERAM we treat each patient as a special and unique case, dedicating the time and knowledge appropriate and necessary. Our patient care department will guide and council each couple during the treatment process ensuring they receive a friendly which avoids added stress.

What services do you offer?


CERAM landed in Malaga as an innovative project being the first specialised clinic for assisted reproduction in Marbella.

At CERAM we offer the latest techniques allowed by the health authorities and certified by the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), such as vitrification, IMSI, blastocyst culture, MACs when treating male and female infertility.

Treatments and techniques used include: IVF, Egg donation, ICSI, IMSI, PGD. Embryo and Egg vitrification, blastocyst culture, Spermlow within others.


Assisted Reproductive medicine

Before embarking on any treatment all couples will have a basic fertility checkup. What does that consist of?


All patients will send a detailed form in order to provide as much information on their reproductive medicine history. A fertility expert will study in detail each individual case in order to be able to guide the couple to the best fertility treatment and technique in order to maximize their changes or pregnancy. 

Couples can have a consultation in our clinic, where they will have a pelvic ultrasound scan and blood tests if needed, as well as a complete sperm test. 

If preferred, the patient will be able to carry out all tests back home and have an online consultation with the doctor. 

Approximately what percentage of women who come to CERAM for treatment come from abroad?


80% of our patients come from abroad for treatment. 

Why do couples choose Spain as a preferred country to undergo fertility treatment?


Spain is a perfect destination for healthcare, especially when talking about fertility treatments. Regulation is different in other countries, therefore we find different possible treatments such as anonymous egg donation. 

Our clinic has more than 25 years of experience, with an experienced team and tailor-made treatments we achieve higher results than the national and international pregnancy rates. 

How easy is it to coordinate with international patients?


It is very simple due to new technologies and international staff. Communication in their own language is truly important, but allowing the patient to contact you anytime in case of doubts is fundamental for the result of the fertility treatment. For this reason our patients can always contact our international patient care department regardless of the time or day of the week. 


Assisted Reproductive medicine staff

What languages do your staff speak?


English, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic, German and Spanish. We also have translation services for other languages such as Russian.

How do your prices of treatments compare to other European countries?


We provide prices which allow us to provide excellent relation price-quality. It is important of course to have a good price that does not compromise the quality of the materials used in the process of fertility treatment. 

Do you use any alternative therapies in the fertility process?


Many alternative therapies are used depending on the patient’s needs. The main therapies are fertility coaching or psychological assessment and acupuncture.

What is egg vitrification and who do you recommend it to?


Egg vitrification or egg freezing is a treatment recommended for women who would like to have a baby but feel it is not the correct moment. These eggs will be stored as long as the patient needs to, allowing them to postpone motherhood for the moment they feel ready professionally and personally.

We recommend the egg vitrification treatment to any women under 30 must be aware that the ovarian reserve is limited and the best eggs are the first to leave, therefore the soonest they preserve their eggs, the best quality they will achieve. 

It is also strongly recommended to patients that are following a health procedure which could affect their maternity such as cancer, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 

How much emotional and psychological support to you offer couples when undergoing treatment?


Every couple and patient have assigned a patient coordinator who will be there during the whole process and also we offer fertility coaching or psychologists for patients who wish to have them for extra support. It is important to ensure patients are cared for at all times in order to detect when additional support is needed. 

In your opinion why is Marbella a suitable place for couples undergoing assisted reproduction?


Located in the heart of Andalucía, in the south of Spain, Marbella has a unique climate – 320 days of sunshine a year and offers a healthy and balanced cuisine based on olive oil, fish and seafood. Inhabited by 137 nationalities, nobody is a foreigner here. Marbella also has excellent transport connections with Malaga airport and offers a rich variety of accommodation with stunning views and easy access to the sea.

Patients while in Marbella feel relaxed, this will help with the treatment as stress is one of the main reasons for infertility. 

You offer an Egg Donation service. Can you talk us through the process of becoming a donor?


The ladies who wish to become an egg donor need to be between 18 and 30 years of age. If this first condition is fulfilled they must undergo a gynaecological evaluation and undergo tests to check their general health. If they are healthy we perform the screening for karyotype and hereditary and genetic diseases. Donors have a thorough psychological assessment. 

Once all the results are correct and conditions fulfilled the lady is accepted as a donor and they would wait for a patient match.  After being accepted as donors they undergo periodical checkups.

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