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Since its foundation in 1999 AuPairWorld has grown hugely. Why do you think it has been so successful?

AuPairWorld is based on the principle of self-matching. We believe that each host family and each au pair know best who is the best match for them and that they should be able to decide without any agent in the middle. We think that this is something that appeals to many people all over the world who are so used to taking matters into their own hands.

How does the website work?

The website is very easy to use – one more argument for AuPairWorld’s success. As a host family you can register free of charge by simply filling in our online form. And your search can then begin. With the EasyFind option, you quickly find all au pairs who match your search criteria. Furthermore, we always keep you updated with matching au pairs, who have recently registered. You decide for yourself, whom to contact. By sending a standard message, you can immediately make contact with an au pair who interests you. If the au pair is similarly interested in your family, he/she will reply positively to your message. Then with a Premium Membership, you can contact each other personally, exchange more detailed information and really get to know each other in preparation for an au pair stay.

What services do you offer?

We provide a safe and secure online environment – based on German Data Protection Laws – for host families and au pairs to get in touch with each other.

We offer comprehensive information on our website for all matters around the au pair stay – from preparation to visa questions up to contracts. We have a dedicated and experienced support team that offers support in five languages via email, telephone, webinars and our social media channels.

What countries are your au pairs available in?

Our au pairs come from all over the world but our key market is Europe – in 2017 more than 60 % of all au pairs and host families came from Europe.

What is a Host Family and which requirements do they need to comply with?

Host families (including single-parent families) have at least one child who is 17 years of age or younger living with them under the same roof. The families seek support with their daily family management / childcare from the au pair. In exchange, the host family offers free board and lodging to their au pair and also pays pocket money. The family invites the au pair for a fixed period of time and treats him or her like a member of the family. In addition, the au pair is entitled to a separate bedroom in the family’s home.

In the context of the au pair placement, the focus is laid upon the mutual cultural exchange between au pairs and host families. Au pairs also improve their linguistic skills in the national language of their host country. The families help their au pairs by communicating with them in this language. Au pairs should also be offered the opportunity to attend a language course.

Is there any limit on the amount of time an au pair stays with a family?

There is a limit but it depends on the host country and the nationality of the au pair. You can find more information on this here.

Are there any requirements au pairs must comply with?

Au pairs should definitely like children and be able to connect with them, be around them for several hours every day and look after them responsibly. A host family is also entitled to ask a potential au pair for references, an ID, or driving licences, health insurance proof, etc.

How do you check the profiles of au pairs and host families who use your service?

Over  almost 20 years, we have established methods of checking the authenticity and quality of profiles. Every registration passes through a review process. This review firstly takes place through an automated system and then manually through our qualified support team – seven days a week.


*AuPairWorld reviews the specifications in the profiles for completeness and plausability.
*AuPairWorld utilises diverse review methods and develops upon this continually.
*AuPairWorld checks profiles not only during registration, but also throughout the duration of the au pair experience. If it is obvious in a text that an au pair will work  more than the customary working hours or should also partially work in the function as a cleaner, language teacher, domestic aid or own-branded business, these profiles will either not be accepted by us or deactivated.
*Profiles which in our opinion counter the basic idea of aupairing, will be rejected.
*In many cases we ask our users for proof of identity.
*We scrutinise user behaviour.
*Feedback from our users is very important to us: au pairs and host families can inform us directly under the profile function “report profile”, about a profile that strikes them as negative. These profiles will be subsequently checked by us.
*On our website, we clarify the rights of au pairs and request that users who are concerned their rights have been damaged contact us.

How does AuPairWorld stand out from the other numerous au pair agencies online?

AuPairWorld is the online platform with the longest experience and we focus solely on au pairing. We have the largest number of actively searching au pairs on our platform.
We provide comprehensive information on all aspects of the au pair stay – in 5 languages and we offer support in 5 languages from a team with different cultural backgrounds.

If parents are interested in using AuPairWorld but are nervous about having someone they don’t know in their house, how can you reassure them?

It is definitely a decision that needs a lot of consideration, thoughts and planning. We always recommend host families and au pairs to get to know each other as best as possible beforehand via Skype or other facetime tools. That way the person coming into your house will not feel like a complete stranger. What we hear from our host families is that it usually doesn’t take too long to integrate a new au pair into the family. Open and clear communication about each other expectations and needs also helps a lot.

Describe AuPairWorld in 3 words.

Simple, safe and direct.

Carrie Frais
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