Azienda Agricola S. Anna 1939, Eupilio

January 2, 2018 | Activities, Como, Italy

Azienda Agricola S. Anna, owned by the Paleari Henssler family, was founded in 1939. The family have created a very family friendly environment with a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home.  In the restaurant you can enjoy the genuine flavours of the area, including fresh meat, excellent home made cheeses and good wine. It is possible for children to see the dairy herd and horses. The riding school offers private and group lessons for all levels and pony camp for a week at a time for children in the summer months.

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Via Lecco, 24, 22030 Eupilio / +39 031 658490 / /

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    The ‘Settimana Pony’ is a great summer camp for those who love riding and enjoy the outdoors. Children go go each day or sleep at the camp for the whole week. They prepare the ponies and ride each morning and in the afternoon they do other activities. The food is prepared on the restaurant and they even make their own ice-cream. (Isabelle)

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