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November 25, 2019 | Baby & Toddler, Emilia-Romagna, Family Services, Italy, Milan, Rome, Tuscany & Umbria

Traveling is back on the books but dreading the extra baggage with newborns and toddlers? Babonbo, Europe’s first baby equipment rental marketplace, brings parents a sense of comfort and flexibility to travel light. Babonbo is the first platform where you can rent the best baby equipment at home or on vacation.

Traveling with your kids is a double-sided coin: one with cozy memories that you create all together, and one with all the stress, exhaustion and complications that comes with planning and execution. Traveling with all the necessary baby gear is difficult, takes up so much space and makes your travels and vacations an unpleasant experience for the whole family. This is where Babonbo comes into play by removing the extra layers for you. Leave bulky equipment at home, travel freely, rent for your destination in advance and receive the gear when you arrive.

Renting a car? You are going to need a car seat that is clean and sanitized. Babonbo providers offer a variety of premium brands and direct deliveries to airports.

Don’t carry your stroller all the way. Grab one from Babonbo, it will come handy while exploring the city.

Not sure if your airbnb or hotel provides a crib? No problem, delivery to your door is available.

Since all your travels and trips will be much easier with Babonbo, the whole travel experience will be even more enjoyable and exciting for the family! You can just focus on creating wonderful memories with your kids.

Babonbo is available in Italy and top destinations of Europe and growing day by day with new locations. 

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    I used this service during our trip to Brindisi and I really love it! Car seat and stroller delivered at the airport, very well organized and really punctual. (Sule Ozdemir Cildir)

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