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January 30, 2024 | Blog, Education, Parenting

Micasso Baby Club in Madrid offers music classes in English for young children, from the newborn stage to around the age of 4 in the heart of Spanish capital.

Their programme has been specifically designed to enhance baby and toddler development and every class is taught by a professional musician in an intimate group of parents and their babies.  A unique and fun way to spend time with your little one each week. 


Early learning through music

At the heart of Micasso Baby Club are baby music classes in English that offer a unique experience for babies and young children.

On a mission to introduce the youngest minds to the world of music in English, Micasso Baby Club focuses on securing cognitive, emotional, and social foundations, fostering the growth of confident young children with a keen ear for music and exposure to a second language. 



How Micasso Baby Club was born

Micasso Baby Club was founded in 2022. The mind behind the idea, singer-songwriter Ann-Sophie Peers, had lived in London for 6 years before moving to Madrid. When she moved to Madrid pregnant with her third child she couldn’t seem to find any activities adapted to babies, like the ones she attended in London. This is how she decided to compose a comprehensive music programme for babies and that the idea of Micasso Baby Club was born.


Micasso Baby Club classes for every stage

Micasso Baby Club offers four distinct baby music groups, each catering to specific age ranges and developmental milestones. The different groups, named Mini Mozarts, Baby Bachs, Walking Wagners or Bouncing Beethovens not only provide age-appropriate activities but also create an immersive and engaging environment for both parents and children, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable weekly activity. The last group added to their portfolio, called Viva Vivaldis, is their first inclusive music class for children aged between 4 and 8 years old! A rich sensory environment being perfect for little ones with special needs who have a particular ear for music.  

Mini Mozarts (Newborn to 9 months old):

Join gentle and sensorial music classes, where the youngest participants are introduced to a world of colors and playful sounds. These early sessions lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of music.

Baby Bachs (9 to 19 months old):

Once your baby starts sitting straight and learns how to grab instruments, they start to explore the realm of hand and body coordination while enjoying playful music classes with an introduction to rhythm patterns. These sessions contribute to the development of motor skills and musical sensibilities.


Walking Wagners (19 months to 2.5 years):

When toddlers start walking, they will be encouraged to express themselves through movement, jumping, and creating their own rhythms and chants. Witness the joy of their first English words as they embark on a journey of self-expression and language development.

Bouncing Beethovens (2.5 to 4 years):

As motor skills strengthen and confidence builds, children in this group prepare to transition from the baby chapter. These classes set the stage for a smooth entry into formal education, with a focus on singing and musical exploration.

Try a Micasso Baby Club class with your little one

Join one of their trial classes and get hooked! Their music classes take place in two vibrant locations: Barrio de Salamanca – Núñez de Balboa, 43 – and El Viso – Gabriel Lobo, 9. These spaces are not merely classrooms but creative spaces where the magic of a violin or a piano converges with developmental milestones.



Micasso Baby Club shines as a guiding light for parents in search of a comprehensive approach to early childhood development. Through carefully crafted music classes with live music & original songs, this unique programme nurtures the cognitive, emotional, and social foundations of babies and young children, creating confident individuals with a lifelong love for music and an early affinity for the English language.

Join Micasso Baby Club in transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories through the power of music and shared experiences. Find out more and sign up for your first class on their website.



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Contact Details:

+34 652 596 221

Barrio de Salamanca:
St George’s Hall, Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 43, Madrid

El Viso:
Gabriel Lobo, 9, Madrid


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