Babysits Childcare Platform

July 16, 2020 | Baby & Toddler, Family Services, France, Lyon, Nice, Paris, Toulouse

Motivated by the belief that a truly good childcare platform, gives a meaningful solution which simplifies everyday struggles for parents, Peter van Soldt founded Babysits in 2008. The result was an online childcare community making it easy for parents and babysitters to connect. Search in your area, get in touch and plan appointments. It couldn’t be easier!

When moving to a new country and experiencing a new culture considering the help of a babysitter could be a great way to help your child adapt. Would you like your kids to learn a new language? Or perhaps you’d like them to practise their native language? By filtering your search you can find a babysitter who fits your personal requirements, and you can even find a babysitter that speaks your native language or the new language. In this way, the babysitter can provide valuable support for your little one during this new adventure. The benefit of hiring a babysitter on Babysits is knowing that your child is receiving attention, and their needs are met.

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