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June 16, 2021 | Blog, Home & Relocation

BCN Ideal Services is a staffing agency that provides premium home-care services in and around Barcelona. They pride themselves in helping both national and international families find the perfect match when it comes to high-end nannies and domestic cleaning staff. Founded by Lyn Lozano Galicia, recruitment expert and consultant, and Manuel Silva Manzanero, lawyer and financial advisor, BCN Ideal Services can find nannies, housekeepers, in-house chefs, beauty specialists and massage therapists to suit all your family’s needs. 

Connecting Premium Home Care Staff And Families


About Bcn Ideal Services


Is there anything more important in order to be able to relax after a long work day than coming back to a clean house? How can parents provide their children with what they need while working a full-time job, when raising children is already a full-time job itself? BCN Ideal Services know that finding the right answers to these questions can be a struggle for many families, but they can help.

BCN Ideal Services aims to be the link between families and passionate, experienced, and reliable staff. They are not just a placement agency—they take care of the entire recruitment and hiring process, from the selection process to legal advice when it comes to labour questions, as well as 24/7 support. Their extensive experience and dedication, which has earned them a five-star reputation, is something that they look for in their staff too, focusing on a careful selection of candidates, and on fostering long-term relationships where both families and home care staff receive top- quality attention and respect.

Nanny services


Nannies create a strong bond with the children as well as the families they work for. The team make sure each nanny is selected on a one-to-one basis, after careful consideration of many factors, making sure the nanny is the right fit for each family in particular. Nannies work with a holistic approach, ensuring they provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to develop their skills. This may include learning support, healthy meal preparation, chaperoning, and party sessions. Nannies can take care of children from their early years up to 16 years of age and are available during holiday breaks too!

All certifications for the nannies must be up to date: First Aid Training, professional certificate for Nanny training, if applicable, language certificates, and employment history. References are required for all nannies.

“I want our caregivers to have the same level of commitment to rendering their service with care as I would if I was doing the service myself. That is why our in-person interviews are very important. Firstly we are looking for nannies that have a professional approach to their career. Secondly we are looking for nannies who are educated and well-experienced in their career. We expect our nannies to be well prepared, prompt, and punctual. In the case of BCN Ideal Services, we look for nannies that can blend with their client really well,” says cofounder Lyn.


BCN Ideal Services Staffing Agency Barcelona




The most requested service at BCN Ideal Services, is for housekeepers who can help make family life run as smoothly as possible. The housekeepers can take care of a wide range of duties, from house cleaning to laundry, cooking, childcare, running errands, driving to school or shops, and looking after pets.

How families can prepare for the arrival of their nanny or housekeeper


Here’s a list of essentials:

  • contact information should be to hand – important numbers should be easily accessible (who to contact within the family in case of an emergency, police, fire, paediatrician, school, etc.)
  • introduce your nanny to the local neighbourhood area
  • inform your nanny if there will be visitors or tradesmen coming into the house and who she or he can invite into the house
  • prepare the necessary access in advance for nannies to be able to drop off or pick up from school or nursery
  • familiarisation with all important household appliances
  • special information regarding pets
  • safety considerations such as medication and allergies,
  • bathing habits and rituals for the kids, and playtime should be discussed thoroughly with the nanny


Other services


Cofounder Manuel is a lawyer who can provide advice regarding employment regulations, immigration, and administrative work such as NIE applications and renewals.

BCN Ideal Services can also arrange a chef at home for you, who will help you cook for a special occasion or do the weekly prepping. If your children need
help with their studies they also work with private tutors who can support their learning at home. And if  you  are in need of a beauty treatment or massage, but don’t feel like or can’t make it to the salon the team will bring the salon to your home!

Why an agency that takes care of the whole process is the best option


Does the idea of hiring an employee scare you? Don’t know where to begin with the selection process, how to provide a contract, and how to make sure all labour regulations are respected? BCN Ideal Services offer the entire service and support you need before, during, and after the hiring process.

Based on your needs and preferences they start the process of finding the most suitable employee for your family. These are the steps they take to make sure it’s possible:

  • Personal interview: they meet you and discuss the employee that you are looking for.
  • Interviewing and selecting candidates while ensuring the client’s details remain anonymous at all times.
  • Checking staff credentials and references before being presented to any client.
  • Presenting the best candidates to the family.
  • Negotiating the contract to find the most suitable agreement between the parties.
  • Inviting the selected employee for a trial period.
  • Drafting the employment contract.
  • Advising on Social Security steps, as well as the obligations and labor regulations in Spain (such as payroll, vacations, leave, etc.)
  • Preparing employee payslips


Premium staff


Whether you’re looking for extra help in the house, in the kitchen, or someone that can look after your children when you’re not there, the premium staff at BCN Ideal Services will make sure the work is done with care, dedication, and attention to detail.

They understand opening your home to the help you need is a step that should be taken with thorough consideration, and that’s why they place such great importance in building the right connections between families and the right home care staff.

The team of nannies and care providers at BCN Ideal Services are predominantly Filipino. Filipinos are well renowned for their care and professionalism when it comes to care giving services.

A word from cofounder Lyn


Being in the care giving business personally is a fulfilling challenge. Rendering service this way can be repaid by seeing happy and appreciative clients which goes beyond the monetary compensation that comes with it. Now being in BCN Ideal Services gives me the opportunity to multiply this experience not just for myself but for our clients and staff. It is serving our fellow men that gives satisfaction and fulfilment.

If you would you like to know more about our values, our services, and our selection process, contact us and we’ll be happy to meet you!

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