Bilingual Montessori School de l’Oise

November 5, 2018 | France, Paris, Paris education, Schools Paris

The Bilingual Montessori School de l’Oise (BMSO-BIPC) in Paris bases its education model on the work of Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, teaching children up to the age 14.


The Montessori method is an attitude towards learning rather than an approach to child education. It is the way one views, observes and understands the child and their unique aptitude for self-education. The model aims to help the child educate themself without depriving them of the joy of discovery. Teachers are often called guides, removing any obstacles to learning. 

The school has Early Years, Primary Years and Middle Years programmes, teaching pupils up to the age of 14. Classes are based on the Montessori method, but during the Middle Years programme children follow France’s national education programme, obtaining the Le Diplôme National du Brevet des Collèges given to all French pupils at the end of 3e (year 10 / Grade 9).


The school does not make its fees public online.


The school asks parents fill out an Admission Inquiry form on their website, before the BMSO-BIPC admissions team will get in contact with more information. Click here to fill out the form.


The Bilingual Montessori School de l’Oise is located an hour’s drive north from the centre of Paris, and is based in the town of Chantilly. 

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