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Could these body changes be menopause? Talking to Midwife & Lactation Consultant Maria Gómez-Cabrero in Valencia Speak French? This app will pay you for your voice
Raising Children in Italy – 6 ways I am not like the average Italian mother

Raising Children in Italy – 6 ways I am not like the average Italian mother

\"When I go home to visit my family in Australia they tell me I have become more Italian when it comes to parenting, yet when I am in Italy parents tell me that I am very Australian. I guess I have adapted a little and I am a bit in the middle.\" ...
How to cope with a new school system

How to cope with a new school system

\"If I could change one thing, it would be to have insisted on a meeting at the beginning of the school year, to ask about the processes in school - how the children are expected to be kitted out, what is the requirement in respect of uniform and sportswear, what are the rules for homework etc.\" ...
7 tips to help you take better pictures of your kids

7 tips to help you take better pictures of your kids

Mum and photographer Raquel Ferreirinha, who moved from Berlin to Dublin and now lives in Italy in a house on a hill by the Adriatic sea, talks to MumAbroad about how to photograph children. ...

When Family Life is an Adventure

Linda Martinez and her husband opened The Beehive in 1999: a place where they connect their love of Rome and their own personal passions and interests with their guests and their community. ...

Nutritionist Mary Brighton

\"Children are growing. They need healthy foods and physical exercise to do this properly. Eating healthily and getting adequate physical activity as a child is an \'investment\' towards being a healthy adult!\" ...

The moment you realise you have made it

The final part of our Female, Foreign and an Entrepreneur in Italy series. From a dentist and a wedding planner to an architect and hotelier this series explores the great and not so great of doing business in Italy. ...

Workplace Customs Around the World

If you are moving to another country or you are doing business abroad, there are some cultural differences that you will need to take into account. Our partner Cigna Global have created this infographic that will take you through the different workplace customs around the world. ...

From industrial Liverpool via international Monaco to the idyllic French countryside

Kelly Nowocien talks to MumAbroad Life about the major changes in her life and how they have helped her build a business she is passionate about. ...

"They all miss their Mums."

“I didn’t come this far to only come this far”. So, whatever happens, whatever it takes, and whatever means we must use, we WILL get those children out of the Jungle and into loving family homes here in Spain. ...

Hospital Tales: "All The Single Ladies in the Mountains of Trentino"

My hospital roommate is one of 4 sisters; 3 still to marry and 1 a widow I was told. Coincidentally their Mum was also called Emma. I guess their collective age together, on the conservative side, must be coming on for around 350 years. ...

Note from the founders

MumAbroad is one of Europe’s leading english language sites for parents from the international community, living in or relocating to Spain, France, Italy and Germany. For more than 10 years, we have been creating unique content for a smart international niche market, from detailed information on nurseries and schools to recommendations by mums and dads on health, maternity, kids & toddler activities, relocation and services. We have built up a platform for Women in Business across all our regions as well as a blog, which offers insightful stories on relocation and the challenges it entails. More recently we launched a YouTube channel, interviewing brilliant women who have changed their lives and launched new exciting businesses whilst living abroad. Our facebook pages have become a go-to online forum for ‘expat’ parents. Our thanks go to our amazing multilingual community, whose contribution to help create these pages has been priceless.  We hope you will be with us for many years to come.
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