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Expat lessons from my five-year-old

\"Rather than going through the motions and just accepting things, without making an effort to change and adapt, you can embrace your inner child and get out there.\" ...

Meandering through Veneto

Five nights without our children - we chose to visit Veneto. Christian, my Italian husband, planned the route (according to his love of wine, childhood memories and recommendations from our friends) and I had chosen the accommodation. ...

From Australia to the Alps

\"Whilst the adoption process took an agonising three and a half years to progress, I planned, once I had my child, to leave London where I\'d been for over 20 years and move to Edinburgh to be closer to the mountains.\" Pippa Curtis ...

Relocating from Berlin to Brussels to Madrid…..

Corinne relocated to Madrid from Brussels at the end of 2013 with her husband and 2 young boys. She has German parents, but grew up in France. Spain is the fifth country she has been living in. Passionate about color and interior design she founded Corinne Kowal Interiors in 2010. ...
5 Top Tips for moving abroad with children

5 Top Tips for moving abroad with children

Learning about the new culture and engaging with your new community can help children to adapt and have a smoother transition. ...

In Spain I am known as a ‘Madre de Día’

\"For me the key is respect: respect for the families and the way they decide to raise their children, respect for the children and who they are, and respect for the pace in which every child develops.\" ...
Paris: The city of light with children

Paris: The city of light with children

Paris is an amazing city for your holidays. If you are headed to the city of lights you need to schedule in some kid-friendly activities. In Paris there are many. ...
I am a product of the EU

I am a product of the EU

\"The EU was the springboard into my adult working life and the foundation upon which my career, marriage, family and friendships have been built on.\" ...
Granny au pairs sought for their wisdom and sense of adventure

Granny au pairs sought for their wisdom and sense of adventure

Granpreneur Michaela Hansen, founder of Granny Aupair, matches older ladies looking for the chance to travel, with families from around the world as \'granny au pairs\'. ...

Want to find your perfect swimsuit?

Wearing a good fitting swimsuit, tankini or bikini is one of the key steps to feeling confident in your beach body. Lucy King, owner of Lottie Lencería, can help you find the perfect fit. ...

Note from the founders

MumAbroad is one of Europe’s leading english language sites for parents from the international community, living in or relocating to Spain, France, Italy and Germany. For more than 10 years, we have been creating unique content for a smart international niche market, from detailed information on nurseries and schools to recommendations by mums and dads on health, maternity, kids & toddler activities, relocation and services. We have built up a platform for Women in Business across all our regions as well as a blog, which offers insightful stories on relocation and the challenges it entails. More recently we launched a YouTube channel, interviewing brilliant women who have changed their lives and launched new exciting businesses whilst living abroad. Our facebook pages have become a go-to online forum for ‘expat’ parents. Our thanks go to our amazing multilingual community, whose contribution to help create these pages has been priceless.  We hope you will be with us for many years to come.
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