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Cambridge Coaching is a tutoring company, founded in 2005 by a small group of PhD candidates at Harvard. What sets them apart is how seriously they take each student’s educational journey, and how committed they are to ensuring that your child feels encouraged, empowered, and engaged as they learn. Their tutors are the best of the best, graduates of or graduate students at top universities such as Harvard and MIT. They are not only experts in their fields, but passionate educators who care deeply about guiding each student along their academic journeys. Their team dedicates significant time to each match, so that every relationship has a profound impact on students.

The network of scholars and professionals that make up the tutoring roster make it possible for Cambridge Coaching to provide tutoring for just about any topic, including a number of standard elementary, middle, and high school needs (such as elementary school enrichment, middle and high school academics, SSAT/ISEE preparation, high school admissions coaching, college coaching, PSAT/SAT/ACT preparation, and IB and AP Exam coaching).

In addition to this, due to the depth of experience they are also able to support enrichment requests beyond standardised testing or school curricula—like teaching students how to sing, conduct research projects, write fantasy novels, or speak a new language. They have special experience in guiding international students through the U.S. college admissions process, as well, and have worked with expat students in school systems all across Europe.

What’s more, Cambridge Coaching offer free educational resources from their exceptional tutors in the form of webinars and a robust blog. Currently, they are in the midst of our College Admissions Webinar series, which demystifies and clarifies the U.S. college process for parents and students. Register for upcoming webinars or view recordings of past sessions on their website.

At Cambridge Coaching, they understand that each student is unique and benefits most from an educational experience that is personalised, thoughtful, and of the highest quality. “We have provided this service for over fifteen years, for students around the world. We look forward to doing the same for your family.”

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What we like about them

  Exclusively hire personable, patient and pleasant teachers
  Can support enrichment requests as well as academics
  Experienced in guiding international students through the U.S. college admissions process

In their own words

Everyone has a different educational path. We will meet you exactly where you are on yours.” Cambridge Coaching


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