Can Sala, Montpelliertornès de Vallès

June 15, 2017 | Catalonia, Maresme & Girona, Spain

Located in Montornès (not far from golf Vallromanes, on the Masnou-Granollers road), Can Sala is a restored XIV century country house. There is also a farm with lots of animals where children can play and feed the rabbits, ponies, deer, etc.  The restaurant serves traditional Catalan dishes (grilled meat, pan con tomate, grilled vegetables…) and they offer a menu for children. You can also hire a “monitor” for a couple of hours who can supervise the kids and walk them through the area while parents have lunch.


Recommended by Belen Simarro

Contact Details: C/de Mariana Pineda, 1 / +34 935 683 485 / /

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Can Sala is fantastic for a day out for the whole family with kids. The staff there is great, they really take good care of the animals, they introduce kids to nature and the farm chores. Children can approach the animals: there are rabbits, pigs, ponys, deer, zebras, and many others. Children can play with rabbits, feed them, they can see deers, take a pony or a donkey ride. I remember there is this huuuuge parrot who can speak and loves being cuddled. Quite impressive because he’s got a massive beak and talons but he is totally tamed. And it is quite a nice approach since animals are in the open air and well taken care of. There is a restaurant because the idea is to spend the day there. They don’t charge guests for the visit to all the animals, they make their living out of the restaurant, which is quite basic but not expensive either. (Belen Simarro)

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