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June 27, 2022 |
Midlife Coach, Carlien Doevendans

Supporting Women in Midlife

Midlife coach Carlien Doevendans is a hospitality entrepreneur, mother and wife. She loves equipping amazing midlife women who dare to dream of what life might look like beyond caring for others. As an Expat trailing spouse, she knows first-hand what it feels like to invest years in juggling the kids, work, friends, and community to only discover at mid-life…those kids don’t need you and for society to perceive you as not even visible, let alone desirable.

Carlien works with women who are done battling their pasts, bodies and self-esteem and are looking for a more authenticity and joy in every aspect of their lives, work, relationships and even parenting. She brings all of her hard-won life lessons, innate compassion and optimism, along with her degree in psychology and certification as a life coach to create safe environments for women to explore and discover their true worth.

Carlien offers a 7-week program designed to give you the foundation to start the year with enthusiasm, optimism and sense of purpose. To shift your level of engagement in several areas of your life into drive. By intentionally following the program and participating in the weekly group coaching calls you will pivot into more clarity on living your life by design. She also offers customised coaching to address your unique needs and starting point.

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What we like about them

  30 minute free discovery call
  Individual coaching and group programmes, online and face-to-face
  Customised coaching to address your unique needs and starting point
  Carlien has first hand experience as a trailing spouse combined with a degree in psychology and certification as a life coach

In their own words

My work is all about supporting caring women in their midlife in finding new meaning to life’s big questions, “Who am I?” and “What do I want?” by providing them a safe space to explore and create their own personal roadmap in Living Your Life by Design.” Carlien



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