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March 7, 2024 |

Catriona O'Curry

Catriona O’Curry is an experienced therapist offering human systems coaching online to clients based in the UK, EU and internationally. Catriona is passionate about supporting individuals, couples and families in finding their most meaningful path at every stage of life.

Catriona received a Masters Degree from LIOS/Bastyr University in Seattle in Applied Behavioural Science, with an emphasis on Systems Counselling in 1995. She then went on to practice as a psychotherapist until 2008 before running leadership groups and empowering women’s retreats.

Her approach integrates talking therapy and energy medicine to help access profound healing.

As a mind/body student and teacher, Catriona supports her clients by bringing their awareness to the body, particularly where they hold and carry emotions.

One half of BobCat Integrative Consulting, Catriona works alongside her husband Bob Harris. Together the couple have over 65 years combined experience working with clients, as a team and individually. They work with a systemic lens, which focuses on how a person’s individual relationships may be impacting them in different ways.

Catriona’s work in personal and leadership development has helped clients build habits for success, tune into what inspires them and build a purposeful career that brings them joy.

“Catriona came into my life when I was most desperate for help. Through her women’s circle and retreats, I found the courage to start my life anew at the age of 60. By participating in her group work I not only healed my emotional body but also found relief from my physical pain. I am forever grateful for Catriona’s insight and wisdom.” – Jeanie

Catriona offers systems-based online coaching sessions via Zoom, FaceTime and other forms of video chat from Monday to Thursday, 11am to 7pm CET. To find out more about her way of working, get in touch by email at

What we like about them

  Catriona’s practice combines talk therapy and energy medicine in a unique holistic way that pays particular attention to the emotional needs of each client.
  Online coaching sessions offer complete flexibility, enabling Catriona to work with clients from around the world.
  Catriona organises and facilitates empowering women's circles and retreats to help women reconnect with their personal power.

In their own words

In order for us each to awaken to our individual purpose, we have to let down our defenses. When we do, we become more present to our thoughts, emotions and bodies. To be aware in this way is to be empowered, to be grounded in the earth’s life force, and to be more naturally connected to one another. Once aware of the emotional and energetic realms, learning becomes embodied knowing. Moreover, an expansion takes place in our minds and hearts, enabling us to feel the connection we have always had to what eco-psychologists call the web of life. – Catriona O’Curry


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