Centre Hospitalier du Hasenrain, Mulhouse

October 18, 2018 | France, Maternity Services, Strasbourg

Full service hospital with two newly added Natural Birth Rooms equipped with a bed, whirlpool tub, birthing ball, and other props. Competent and highly knowledgeable staff of midwives. Breastfeeding is encouraged at this hospital with full training and follow-ups provided throughout your stay. Most rooms are private and average stay is 5 days. Hospital is situated in a beautiful forested area atop a hill.

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Jude Wright

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87 Avenue d’Altkirch, 68051 Mulhouse / +33 (0)3 89 64 64 64 / www.ghrmsa.fr/presentation/nos-sites/centre-hospitalier-du-hasenrain-de-mulhouse

2 responses to “Centre Hospitalier du Hasenrain, Mulhouse”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    I chose Hasenrain because I had a preference for being in an environment with a full range of facilities in case of any complications. I had a wonderful experience at the hospital. I had not had a tour of the hospital prior to being admitted and I was surprised to find a natural birthing room complete with pool as I had been told previously that in France very traditional methods of birth are preferred. I had an uncomplicated birth and always felt that I was being listened to. The after care was also excellent and the mid-wives provided 24 hour support over the 5 days of my stay and bar none, all were attentive, kind and helpful and provided me with lots of useful information. The only potential downside for me was that I feel I would have benefitted more from the helpful and informative staff, had I been fluent in French. My partner is French however, and during his visits he was able to speak to midwives and clarify things that I hadn’t understood in previous conversations. Generally speaking, in the hospital I found that the midwives spoke only French (or did not feel confident speaking in English), however the doctors had English speaking abilities such as the paediatrician, the psychologist and the anaesthetist, which was helpful. I do not feel that this unduly hindered my positive experience of the hospital though. (Jude Wright)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    I had my first baby last December at Hasenrain upon arriving in France and knowing little French. The maternity ward was run by friendly midwives who took the time to re-explain everything to my French husband. I opted for the Natural Birth Room and it helped relax me a great deal! Although still discouraged in many hospitals, natural births and breastfeeding are becoming more common in France and we felt very lucky to have stumbled upon this excellent hospital. (Kimarie Celse)

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