Centre Hospitalier Bretagne Atlantique

January 24, 2018 | France, Healthcare, Maternity Services, Rennes

The CHBA maternity ward cares for all pregnant women including high-risk pregnancies. The medical team: midwives, gynecologists-obstetricians and anaesthesiologists are dedicated to maternity and paediatric patients. They work alongside other professionals including psychologists, dieticians and social workers when needed. There is a neonatal resuscitation and neonatology service, located on the 3rd floor of the same building. The kangaroo unit welcomes mothers and children who are moderately premature or in need of special care. It helps prevent early separation and allows mothers to stay with their babies.

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20 Boulevard Général Maurice Guillaudot, BP 70555, 56017 Vannes Cedex / +33 (0)2 97 01 41 41 / www.ch-bretagne-atlantique.fr

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Having had pre-eclampsia with my first son I was very anxious about becoming pregnant again and being in France. I had a chance of having pre-ewclampsia again so we decided to go with the Chubert Hospital in Vannes as it would be more suitable if I had any complications. Our gynae spoke reasonable English which we didn´t know before hand so that was a pleasant surprise and very comforting to know I could speak to him in English when my French failed me. My pregnancy went very well, regular check ups, lots of scans, not like in the UK where you only have 2 as standard. 2 days before my due date my waters broke and we went to the hospital where I was to stay. My room with en-suite was clean and tidy but very old fashioned. Midwives were great and attentive. I was asked to change and go to the delivery suite, it was like a mini operating theatre, everything was sterile, tables of equipment and monitors all placed round the birthing bed. I knew that at this hospital the only pain relief offered would be an epidural which I took, I would of liked to have tried to manage on Gas and Air but that wasn´t an option. 15 hours later Baby Max was born, healthy and is beautiful. I was alone for the first night but during my 2nd night another woman was wheeled in. My own room was now being shared and it was very very strange and restless I couldn’t wait to get home by the 3rd day. The midwifes were all great and the peds nurses assigned to Max were fab as well, I do believe that had I been fluent it would of been an even better experience, but on a whole it couldn`t really have gone any better. (Tricia)

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