Centro Benessere Maternità (CBM)

CBM is a centre for the health and wellbeing of mothers, children, families and women of all ages. It offers space for meeting, sharing, education and growth. They give guidance on the path of parenthood, using the imprint of Salutogenesis. They offer concrete options for making choices that respond as much as possible to the needs of the person. The centre is managed by a team of trained midwives, specialized in natural, physiological birth and Salutogenesis. They have support from a team of medical specialists, multidisciplinary professionals and holistic practitioners. Services include: Comprehensive services for pregnancy, birth and the whole first year of child life, and woman’s health. A space where they provide listening and free information in order to orient and help you make your own decisions. A midwifery practice for complete prenatal care during pregnancy; anti-stress and therapeutic massages and treatments; post natal care (first year of life); examination of the newborn; and counseling in breastfeeding. Prenatal and post natal courses for women and couples. Aquatic courses during pregnancy and swimming for babies. Monthly prenatal workshops on weekends for couples. Pre- and postnatal fitness; and training for labor. Assistance and support for any kind of childbirth you choose, whether it is in the birth centre, at home, or in hospital.

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Monica Paci

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Lungarno Colombo, 28a, 50136 Firenze / +39 055 576043 / info@benesserematernita.itwww.benesserematernita.it

  • MumAbroad
    Posted at 13:11h, 04 December Reply

    Quando sono rimasta incinta ho sentito la necessità di informarmi sul percorso che stavo intraprendendo ma le informazioni che trovavo mi soddisfacevano solo in parte. Sono arrivata al CBM grazie ad una persona che lo conosceva ed ho finalmente trovato delle ostetriche ed un ambiente che mi ha permesso di vivere in modo naturale e con serenità la maternità, attraverso scambi di informazioni e lavoro anche corporeo in gruppo. Un bellissimo percorso sia nel pre che nel post parto che consiglio a chiunque senta la necessità di vivere secondo natura la meravigliosa esperienza di avere un bambino. (Monica Paci)

  • MumAbroad
    Posted at 13:13h, 04 December Reply

    Read an interview here with pioneer midwife Verena Schmid who was instrumental in setting up the CBM:

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