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Sarah Alakija

Sarah Alakija, founder of Charters Education Support, works as a UK university admissions consultant, supporting both international and UK students who are planning to make an application to a UK university. Working online and via telephone, she offers advice on choosing a subject and choosing universities as well as guidance on the application form and bespoke personal statement support. She takes the time to discuss and understand your child’s academic and career aspirations to help them decide what degree would be best for them.

Sarah can provide insights into what your child can expect from different universities, the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a specific course or college and how best to ensure your child is successful in securing a place. She specialises in supporting students over the long-term in order to help them prepare for a successful application. The best applications require evidence of a student’s interest in the chosen subject and so she guide students during Year 12 towards relevant and interesting research, whether that be books, podcasts, online lectures, journals, magazine articles, online courses etc. Doing this sort of research not only shows universities a high level of engagement, but it also helps to confirm a genuine interest in the subject to the student.


Sarah has worked in independent schools since 1997, in a variety of roles including Director of Studies, Vice Principal and Head of Careers, HE and Entrepreneurship. She has also written and edited four editions of the Trotman guide “Getting into Oxford and Cambridge”.

What we like about them

  Twenty years in the independent sixth form sector.
  Experienced with applications to Oxford and Cambridge.
  Personalised strategy to achieve the most appropriate goals for each individual student.
  Experienced with independent day and boarding schools in the UK and international schools abroad.
  Sarah is a great listener!

In their own words

Having parents who understand what is happening really helps the students. If parents have at least an overview of the process, then they can support students even more effectively. With that in mind, I love to have parents present for the initial consultation so they can ask as many questions as necessary for their understanding.” Sarah Alakija


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