Città delle Mamma

November 27, 2017 | Baby & Toddler, Italy, Rome

The association was founded in Rome in 2009 by a group of mums who wanted to improve the quality of life for mums and their babies in urban spaces. They organised CineMamme, screenings of first run movies for mums to attend with their babies. Other projects include Mammacaffe – cosy and friendly spaces in bookshops, cafes and other locations throughout the city where mums can socialise and breastfeed in comfort. In 2013 they held Il Mom Festival, a successful family-friendly music festival experience.

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    At the cinema screenings the lights are left a touch on, the volume is lowered and mom gets to watch a newly released movie along with other moms as they breastfeed or walk a fussy one without anyone giving a cross eyed look. The screenings take place at various venues in the city the best place to check the screenings is the Facebook page. Also often after screenings at The Nuovo Cinema Aquilla theater in the Pigneto neighborhood are followed by group lunches at the restaurant Necci down the road. (KPM)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    I went to a Mom Festival which was a lot of fun! Food was served for the small folks a bit earlier in the eveing and food came for adults a bit later. There were a couple of bands, but fun ones! No Barney music! One band had an all female horn section, the moms and tots were all dancing. There is of course changing facilities outfitted for diaper changes (a novelty here in Rome!) and a room with a kids movie for when the wee ones hit the wall and mom wants to keep on going! Check their website as it is a rotating event held at different locations. Reservations required. (KPM)

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