Clínica Maternidad Acuario, Beniarbeig

September 5, 2017 | Costa Blanca, Maternity Services, Spain, Valencia & Costa Blanca

Acuario is a medical group operating a hospital in Beniarbeig and a clinic in Valencia. Located 90kms from Alicante in the village of Beniarbeig, the maternity part of the hospital offer facilities which are unique in Spain including two birthing rooms with special beds, baths and monitoring equipment and a third in a self-contained facility with its own bedroom and kitchen. It is on elf the few places in Spain to offer natural births.




Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

Contact Details: Avda. Vergel, 11, 03778 Beniarbeig / +34 966 435 322 /

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    This centre comes highly recommended in Spain and offers women the chance to have a natural birth (this is not usual here). If any problems were to arise there is specialist medical team on hand. The centre offers antenatal classes even for people who do not plan on giving birth there. (Rebecca Laidlaw)

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