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Collège and Lycée International de Valbonne

The Collège and Lycée International de Valbonne are  part of the Centre Internationale de Valbonne in Sophia-Antipolis. Both are state schools following the French national curriculum with a well known international section offering some subjects in English for bilingual students.

Additionally the schools offer Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese sections, with students from nearly 40 different nationalities.

Throughout collège, students in the English section receive between six and eight hours of English language and literature per week, as well as two hours of humanities subjects. Students at the Lycée International of Valbonne (LIV) work towards the prestigious OIB examination, which is the French Baccalaureate with an additional International Option. There is also a boarding house for pupils from further afield.

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Centre International de Valbonne, BP 97, 06902,  Sophia Antipolis Cedex / +33 492965200 / /

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