Collège & Lycée Victor Hugo, Colomiers

January 16, 2020 | Education Listings, France, Schools Toulouse, Toulouse education

Collège & Lycée Victor Hugo: state school & international pupils

The Lycée Victor Hugo, or the Collège Victor Hugo de Colomiers is a French state school teaching the national curriculum with an additional British section for international pupils. It is a French school that offers a home to a not-for-profit charity called English 31. The charity has 35 years of experience in delivering an engaging and inspiring programme of Teaching and Learning which develops native English proficiency through the study of the English Language, Literature and Culture.

The English 31 scheme is based in two local state schools in Colomiers, Toulouse, in the Lucie Aubrac primary school for students aged 6-10 and the Collège/ Lycée Victor Hugo for students aged 11-18.

Pupils of the British Section are integrated into the French educational system and follow a French/English bilingual programme taught at the Lycée. Currently over 400 pupils aged from 5 to 18 follow this programme, leading to iGCSE qualifications, as well as the French national Diplôme national du brevet. International Option of the French Baccalaureate (OIB). The school also offers double baccalaureate programmes in German (Abibac) and Spanish (Bachibac). More information on exams can be found here.


Tuition fees range from 680 to 800 euros annually. For more information and prices of both examinations and school trips click here.


The school requires that students already have a high standard of written and spoken English. The school warns that the bilingual programme is demanding, as pupils must satisfy high academic expectations of English 31’s French partner schools.

A guide to apply to the school can be found here.


The Lycée Victor Hugo is located in Colombiers, just outside the city centre of Toulouse. It is a 20-minute drive from Toulouse city centre.

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33 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 31773, Colomiers
+33 5 61 15 94 94


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