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Collège & Lycée Victor Hugo, Colomiers

Located in Colombiers, just outside the city centre of Toulouse, Collège and Lycée Victor Hugo is a French state school teaching the national curriculum with an additional British section for international pupils.

Pupils of the British Section are integrated into the French educational system and follow a French/English bilingual programme taught at the Lycée and its primary feeder school Lucie Aubrac both in Colomiers.

Currently over 400 pupils aged from 5 to 18 follow this programme, leading to the International Option of the French Baccalaureate (OIB). The school also offers double baccalaureate programmes in German (Abibac) and Spanish (Bachibac).

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33 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 31773, Colomiers / Collège Website: / Lycée Website: / About The English Section



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