Marléne Rose Shaw - Therapist for Expat Couples

Couples Therapy for Expats – Marléne Rose Shaw has over 25 years experience helping people move towards more confident, happy and healthy relationships. As an expat herself, Marléne fully understands how relocating can be a wonderful adventure, yet can also bring its own challenges. And, as a couples therapist with a lot of experience in working with expats, she has a deep understanding of the specific needs and additional challenges that many expat couples face. 

If you’re facing relationship problems, you’re not alone. Many people experience difficulties in their relationship from time to time. Yet if left unresolved, these problems tend to linger, bringing about unnecessary stress and unhappiness. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for a life of discontent. Many couples seek help and quite quickly resolve their issues. They go on to have a relationship that is better than it has ever been.

Typical issues expat couples describe

‘Dealing with bureaucracy can be stressful, and we end up taking our frustration out on each other.’

‘Spending all our time together can create pressure, especially since we no longer have the support network we once relied on.’

One of us is settled into our new life, the other is feeling homesick and unhappy.’

‘We were so excited about starting our dream business, but working such long hours means we’re always tired. We get stressed and argue a lot, and have no time for our relationship.’

We thought we’d leave all our problems behind, but we’ve brought them with us.’ 

‘We’ve become caught up in the culture of drinking a lot and it leads to us arguing.’

‘We’ve been expats for a while now – but we’ve never really dealt with the relationship problems that happened when we first relocated. We want to move on instead of being stuck in the past.’

‘Since retiring, we’re struggling to figure out how to be together. The natural ease and intimacy we once had seem to have slipped away.’

In the sessions

In sessions, we’ll begin by setting clear goals, providing a roadmap for your journey ahead. We’ll delve into the core of your issues, addressing unresolved hurts and unmet needs. I’ll help you recognise and let go of unhelpful relationship patterns. I’ll also teach you advanced communication skills and emotional management techniques, so that you can express yourself with clarity and be heard.  You’ll connect at a deeper level, so you can bring back the intimacy and emotional closeness you once shared.

As we move forward, we’ll review your progress and reassess your goals according to your needs.”

Published Author

Marléne is also a published author. How Kind People Get Tough gives advice on how to stop people-pleasing, set great boundaries and still have great relationships. 7 Questions Highly Confident People Ask Themselves is based on the most powerful self-reflective questions that come up in therapy. These 7 questions will help you gain confidence, successfully navigate challenging situations, and build strong and lasting relationships. Out Of Fear Into Love will help you release self-sabotaging beliefs and cultivate self-love, transforming your mindset to overcome obstacles to live your happiest life. You can find out more about Marléne’s books and how to order them here.

What we like about them

  Free 30-minute consultation
  Marléne is very experienced in the particular issues that expat couples face
  Marléne offers a range of extra therapeutic tools & techniques to help couples overcome blocks and consolidate what couples have covered in their sessions

In their own words

Our relationships are where we experience challenges and find our greatest joy. When we consciously focus on improving our relationships, we get to grow, evolve and become wiser beings.” Marléne Rose Shaw



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