Delic Café

September 29, 2017 | Madrid, Spain

Established 1998, DELIC serves enticing dishes, increasingly organic, from around the world. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 2am, Friday, Saturday and nights before a holiday until 2:30am and Monday closed for private events.
Metro: La Latina





Recommended by Tessa Bayrante

Contact Details: Costanilla de San Andrés, 14 28005, Madrid / +34 913 645 450 / info@delic.es

2 responses to “Delic Café”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    I recommend Delic Cafe in Plaze de la Paja (Metro: La Latina). They have several rooms to have a coffee in and offer a box of pencils for the littlies….they´ll love the freshly squeezed juice and wonderfully exotic freshly made tarts. (Tessa Bayrante)

  2. KC says:

    This place is not suitable for kids they don’t welcome you. Twice I was felt humiliated at this cafe.1) went to the my one year old baby for a coffee and snack i was told That I can’t sit outside as they only allow customers who are here for set lunch menu! Even the waitress felt sorry that the boss was behaving this way! She asked if I was going to eat more.

    2) it was cold and freezing month in Dec, I forgot my keys and went in with my 2 boys while waiting for my husband to walk back from the gym, the owner was making a fuss about my stroller that was parked neatly at a corner not in a way of anyone.
    I can’t even finish my drink left and swear I will never get into this cafe again. Shame on them ! Sadly I told all my neighbors and friends living upstairs this cafe. They are over priced, cakes are not tasteful.

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