DianaHome Eco-renovations

DianaHome Eco Renovations

DianaHome is a Maresme-based business offering eco-renovations and home improvements. The company’s international, multilingual, and multidisciplinary team of experts works with qualified, vetted local professionals to manage works throughout the entire process. Expert, 360º support ensures renovation and home improvements improve quality of life, reduce environmental impact and increase property value. Renovations and home improvements can be expensive, especially when homeowners lack in- depth knowledge of the local ways of doing things. DianaHome’s team is 100% focused on the client, respecting their budget and ensuring that they are informed throughout the process and providing professional advice to help them navigate decisions. DianaHome also offers support with subsidies and exclusive 100% financing of eco-renovations. DianaHome looks at every client holistically and applies a data-based methodology to every project.

The three pillars of DianaHome’s approach are health, efficiency, and design. For more extensive interventions, the first step is a 360 Home Analysis. After an in-person technical visit, clients receive a detailed report of the residence’s current condition taking into account individual wellness, efficiency, and design preferences. DianaHome uses digital tools and proprietary algorithms to measure air quality, detect heat and energy leaks, highlight damp areas, and identify other problems; any one of these can negatively affect health and impede a home’s energy efficiency. Its team analyses the condition of each home’s installations, energy consumption, ventilation, lighting, materials, and finishes, as well as other elements essential to health, efficiency and design.

The next step is designing the renovation or home improvement project. In addition to planning, budgeting, securing licenses, subsidies, and, if necessary, financing, DianaHome offers client approvals of virtual remodels and home improvements. With DianaHome, before tearing down a wall, putting up a pergola or installing a new air conditioning system, clients have clarity on the outcomes of each measure. It can be challenging to picture how a new house or apartment will look like after remodelling, painting walls, changing furnishings and adding accessories. DianaHome’s team works in 3D modelling, so clients approve architecturally valid images of their renovations. This approach saves time and money because clients can see changes. Furthermore, in the case of eco-renovations, the team can model simulations of energy usage and natural lighting at different times of the year. Once the client has approved the project, DianaHome coordinates and supervises the works from start to finish and ensures quality control before final client approval; with DianaHome, every client has a personal contact for the entire renovation, regardless of size and budget.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a renovated home is worth a million. DianaHome welcomes anyone interested in a renovation, big or small, to come to visit their Alella office, which is a showcase. DianaHome’s team works from a beautifully eco-renovated California-style home nestled above the vineyards of Alella, with views of the sea and Barcelona. Clients can fully appreciate what eco-renovation means in person, over a coffee or cup of tea, while telling the team the dreams they have for their home.

Contact Details:

Av. Sant Mateu, 50, 08329 Alella, Barcelona
+34 936 89 44 71
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dianahome.es/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dianahome_es/
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dianahomespain/

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