Coaching for Expat Women

Coaching for Expat Women? Well, after a decade of living, studying and working internationally, in Rome, Milan, Manchester and London Dominika decided to reorganise her life to make work fit into her life instead of the other way around. Dominika decided to build on her many years of hands-on experience in positions related to recruitment, counselling, and customer service, gained in the international labour market, mainly in Italy and the UK. Today she is a Career Coach and Business Idea Generator for expat women. Dominika specialises in helping expat women, seeking to make an international career change, to navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with discovering their dream career and then adapting to a new country. For self-employment-minded women, she expertly guides them to connect the dots between what they love to do and how they can design a business that matches their desired lifestyle. Dominika has been awarded the Best International Coach of 2015 by The Coaching Academy. And is the founder of the top 10 podcast for expats called The Expat Career and Lifestyle.

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Everyone can benefit from someone who keeps you focused on your goals and moving forward. Dominika makes it easy and offers the tools to keep you motivated to do so. (Debra)

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