Doula Jane Stevens

November 6, 2017 | Andalucia, Granada, Maternity Services, Spain

Jane Stevens is an experienced doula, who assists mothers during and after pregnancy. She offers postnatal consultations and support and sleep training. She is based in Granada but willing to travel.
I have a calm, caring and practical approach to my work and my aim is to ensure that my clients enjoy the best possible transition to family life, and that they are as relaxed as possible at this very special time. I believe having an experienced person around with whom they can share any concerns or worries, issues or joys, is really valuable.”


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  1. MumAbroad says:

    My daughter Bo was born in May 2010, 2 weeks early and thankfully Jane was on hand to come and assist us through the early days. Unfortunately Bo had a viral infection when born and so we ended up in hospital for her first week. This however didn’t stop Jane from not only visiting us and looking after Bo in hospital so I could rest but also managing the day to day tasks in my home. Jane’s support to us has proved invaluable thus making my first three months with Bo so much more memorable and enjoyable. She is willing to assist with all areas of care for Bo and I trust her 100%. I would certainly recommend Jane to any prospective mother in need of both physical and emotional support throughout the early days. (Jo Everett)

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