Guide to Buying Property in Spain 

May 22, 2023 |

Whether you have firm plans to buy property in Spain or just like the idea and want to find out more, this ebook is essential reading. Inside, you’ll find information you’ll need to understand all the aspects of buying.

This ebook has over 140 pages, packed with information and advice you need for every single step of a property purchase in Spain.

  1. The very beginning – why, where and what to buy
  2. First steps – prices, mortgages, building a home and who can help you
  3. Next stage – the costs and the completion
  4. Final stages – the practical aspects of being an owner

Plus lots of tips, insight and fun facts.

All you need to ensure your new home becomes the stuff of dreams, not nightmares!
Inside 143 full-colour pages, you’ll find

  • Insider tips and advice to ensure you steer clear of potential problems
  • Area guides to the most popular places in Spain
  • Property market facts, then, now and the future
  • Information on how to rent before you buy and let after you buy
  • Exactly what each professional involved in the purchase does
  • All in one handy guide, downloadable in pdf format to store on the device of your choice.

All information is from official sources, researched by Joanna Styles, a relocation and travel writer who has lived on the Costa del Sol for over 30 years, with considerable input from relocation companies, lawyers, tax advisors and paperwork gurus.