Madrid Education Guide

May 20, 2023 |


Enrolling your child in a Spanish state (público) or semi-private (concertado) school can be a little bewildering. The process itself while not difficult can be tedious and at times confusing (sorpresa!).

How does it all work? How and when to apply? These are pretty straight forward questions but sometimes it can be difficult to find the correct response. 🤔

This Madrid Education Guide answers all of these questions and so much more. It will help prepare you and more importantly maintain your sanity throughout the application process.

What’s included?

  • An explanation of the points system and what really counts (regular application process ‘el proceso ordinario’).
  • Guidance on how to apply if you arrive mid summer having missed the regular application window (‘el proceso extraordinario’).
  • A detailed summary of each school option broken down by fees, entrance, timetable, faith, curriculum, exams and
  • An overview on SEND support and how to access resources.
  • A description of the bilingual programme offered at both state and semi private schools.
  • A breakdown of the five stages in the Spanish education system.